T-shirts and jeans are no longer the norm for an increasing number of urban men, and there are many options out there for those who wish to take things up a notch. Unsure where to start? Men’s fashion bloggers such as Denzel Alexander will show you the ropes.

Alexander has been a fashion blogger since 2015, inspiring Memphians of all ages to get their style on. But Alexander is more than just a fashion blogger—he is also a journalism scholar, a writer, a social media enthusiast and a lover of music.

Early life

From a young age, this 23-year-old Memphis native was inspired by his hometown’s innate grit and grind, along with the artistic flair and vibrancy that radiates from every corner of the city. Amid such inspiring surroundings, it’s no wonder Alexander developed an interest in photography, pop culture, writing, and fashion.

and diving deeper into what he loved to do. He ended up pursuing a degree in journalism at the University of Memphis, blending his passion for photography and writing in the process.

Keys to the Denz

As Alexander’s love of social media, music, and fashion continued to grow, he took a leap and developed his first blog, “Keys to the Denz,” which he used to express himself and hone his writing skills. He credits blogger Kelvin Davis (of NotoriouslyDapper) for inspiring him to explore the fun, style and adventure of the medium at a time when men’s fashion blogging was just beginning to explode.

Alexander has worked with multiple brands since then, and has inspired countless young Memphians to explore a new fashion identity and step out of their comfort zone.

Putting Memphis fashion on the national stage

With just a brief glance at Alexander’s blog, the work and dedication put into it is apparent. Alexander always dreams big and has ambitious goals, and his current aim is no exception: He seeks to work for GQ and promote Memphis fashion on a larger scale across the entire country.

When asked about his vision for the city itself, Alexander hopes Memphis will continue to grow in terms of creativity, attitude and perspective. After all, his love for Memphis and all it has to offer is what fuels him to promote fashion, music and lifestyle elements on his current blog, which features Alexander’s take on seasonal clothing, accessories, local Memphis clothing designers and more.

Notable pieces

Alexander may be young, but he’s already produced a body of standout work. From his recent lifestyle pieces on topics such as being minimalist in fashion to his fall clothing suggestions, men can use his insights to upgrade their wardrobes and begin to explore new elements of fashion. But it doesn’t stop there: Alexander also offers unique music suggestions via his weekly Music Monday posts.

Thanks to fashion enthusiasts like Denzel Alexander, the future of Memphis fashion and lifestyle looks bright.

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