Brittney Boyd Bullock

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The artistic flair of Memphis extends beyond paintings, abstract art and sculpture. Indeed, Memphis is also a hot spot for fashion startups, one of which has Memphis artist Brittney Boyd Bullock at the helm. As the founder of the Memphis-based brand Don’t Blink, Boyd Bullock is a pioneer Memphis maker.

Boyd Bullock uses basic design principles to make functional leather goods for customers seeking something light, convenient and stylish. The items are instantly recognizable thanks to Boyd Bullock’s use of the color black, which she regards as powerful and symbolic.

About Brittney

It should come as no surprise that this visual artist, textile designer and leathersmith has been passionate about creating and designing from an early age. Inspired by various elements of art and pop, she enjoyed fusing the two styles together, which formed the foundation of her later work.

Brittney Bullock

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Although Boyd Bullock intended to pursue nursing in college, she ultimately found that she couldn’t suppress her love for creating and switched to a degree in fine arts from the University of Memphis.

Don’t Blink

Don’t Blink was born of Boyd Bullock’s creative response to the fact that she couldn’t seem to find certain stylistic elements in a wearable form. She started by crafting bracelets and other jewelry before expanding to bags, pillows and towels.

Don’t Blink is becoming known as a business that produces top-quality, handmade, durable products, with all materials personally picked by Boyd Bullock and her team. Boyd Bullock takes obvious pride in her creations, and her personality is reflected by the organic process by which she works—an approach that can be seen in the fact that her items all vary in size, grain pattern, and overall texture.

What’s more, 90 percent of the materials used by Don’t Blink are sourced locally, meaning these products are truly made by Memphis. As a result, other Memphis businesses grow along with Don’t Blink—and because the company includes sales tax in the product cost, Memphians and others buying Boyd Bullock’s products can enjoy competitive pricing.

Social engagement

In addition to contributing to the growth of Memphis from an entrepreneurial perspective, Boyd Bullock is also committed to the local community. In 2015, she kick-started a community engagement project aimed at empowering young artists in Memphis. The project formed the foundation of Tribe, a more comprehensive platform for fostering young artists’ talent that is partially funded by a portion of the sales from Don’t Blink.

Between her creative works and her socially conscious initiatives, it’s safe to say Brittany Boyd Bullock is at the forefront of propelling modern-day Memphis toward greatness.

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