Breezy Lucia Photographer

Breezy Lucia

Breezy Lucia is one to watch in Memphis. The filmmaker and photographer lives in Memphis and has the ability to record the city’s most profound moments in a way that only a native can. If you haven’t followed her yet on social media, then what are you waiting for?

A Side of Memphis Rarely Seen

The gift of Breezy Lucia is to capture Memphis in a way that has not been done before. Stock photos of Memphis don’t truly give anyone a sense of what it’s like to live in soul music’s most famous city.

When an outsider thinks of Memphis, they are likely to envision Graceland or Sun Studio. Breezy Lucia uses film to eternalize the everyday lives of Memphis residents.

Her images are just as likely to include children playing at Peabody Park as much as celebrities making their rounds at the local film festival circuit. Some of her best shots are of locals living their best lives: rollerblading at the skate park, performance art at Brooks Museum and playing the guitar at open mic night at the local pub.

Her advocacy for the LGBTQ community has made a strong impact with highlighted images including the rainbow crosswalk in Midtown.

Memphis Cityscapes

Another highlight of Breezy Lucia’s work is that the artist shies away from shooting Memphis tourist traps. Her trained eye has the ability to spot beauty in even the seemingly mundane — including terrific shots of buildings located in Downtown Memphis.

Her daytime images of the city have a raw vibe while the nighttime photography allows the viewer to experience the city nightlife. Although the city is her passion, her travel photography has a very personal quality too. Samples of her travel work include photos from Chicago, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

Follow Breezy Lucia on Instagram to see more of her stunning Memphis images and find out about her upcoming projects.

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