Local artists help define Memphis. They give the city its color by bringing their own unique view on life. But art isn’t just paintings on walls and public display statues. Art can come in the form of coffee mugs and flower vases. At Belltower Artisans, that’s exactly what you’ll find. Because every piece of ceramic produced in the artisan studio is hand-thrown and fired on-site, each piece of pottery purchased is a unique work of art that also doubles as the perfect mug to enjoy that piping hot cup of coffee in the morning.

Sharing Their Joy With the Community

The real beauty of Belltower Artisans isn’t that everything is made by hand and sold at affordable prices. It’s that the college friends want to share their love for the art with the community. This is why Belltower Artisans don’t simply craft the pottery. They serve coffee inside the shop. They also provide ceramic studio lessons, so for anyone who has ever wanted to learn how to create a mug, use a clay wheel, or produce their own uniquely crafted dishes, it is possible to sign up for one of the classes offered inside the studio.

Your Caffeine Fix Served Within Works of Art

If there’s one thing that makes any cup of coffee better, it’s the ability to enjoy that cup of coffee within a work of art. It’s one of the reasons we have fallen in love with the Belltower Artisans. Every cup is served in a uniquely crafted mug. So even if you order the same cappuccino every day, you’ll have a different artistic experience.

At Belltower Artisans, there is an extensive coffee menu that includes espressos, cappuccinos, cortados and mochas. You can also try out a pour-over coffee, Americano, drip coffee and hot tea, if those are more your kind of beverages. Of course, there are also hot chocolates and chai lattes, and it wouldn’t be Memphis without a delicious sweet tea.

Discover Your Own Passion With Pottery Classes

If you’ve ever wondered about making your own ceramics, but just never had the chance, now is your opportunity. You can visit the Belltower Artisans website to see when upcoming classes are offered. During these classes, you’ll learn how to use the clay wheel and how to best form your own pottery creations.

There are also build-on classes. So instead of dropping into one of the individual class sessions (it is recommended to purchase your tickets ahead of time as space is significantly limited and wheels fill up fast), you can opt into one of the month-long classes. These classes are usually given twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Follow the Continued Ceramic Creations

One of the best ways to stay on top of everything the Belltower Artisans has going on is to follow their Instagram page.

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