The rebirth, growth and success of Memphis can be seen in many different aspects of our city, from innovative Memphis entrepreneurs to outstanding Memphis schools, and lifestyle bloggers are no exception. Indeed, Belinda Simpson’s take on lifestyle, fashion, books and much more is instrumental in elevating the city to a new level.

In addition to being a Memphis-raised professional, Simpson is also a mother and an active member of the Memphis community, and she brings each of these pieces to her role as a lifestyle blogger.

Early life

Long before Simpson became the creative director of The Honeybee’s Lifestyle, she was driven by the idea of building and executing her strategy behind the scenes, drawing inspiration from the motto, “When you build in silence, they don’t know what to attack.”

Although Simpson was born in Chicago, she was raised in Memphis and elected to stay in Tennessee for college, eventually earning a degree from Bethel University. By the time she got around to building The Honeybee’s Lifestyle, she had amassed a wealth of personal and professional experience in and around Memphis.

Professional highlights

Belinda earned her BA from then Memphis State University & her MBA from Bethel University. Over the course of her career, Simpson has worked at both for-profit and nonprofit ventures. By spending more than 20 years in the for-profit world—including stints at Accredo Health Group and Nike—she developed a solid understanding of how to assist businesses in maximizing their resources to achieve growth. Eventually, Simpson’s love for her community and commitment to the city she has long called home led her to switch gears and enter the nonprofit sector by becoming a director of community outreach. It was at this time that The Honeybee’s Lifestyle truly began to take off.

What is The Honeybee’s Lifestyle?

Simpson’s blog is composed of a wide range of posts, from pieces with a lifestyle focus to book reviews. As Belinda would put it, her blog focuses on living your best life no matter how many candles are on the birthday cake. In her lifestyle pieces, Simpson offers valuable advice on everything from developing a successful support system to pursuing professional growth opportunities, reaching people from all walks of life. Meanwhile, her writings on books and other media are enjoyed by readers in Memphis and beyond, whether she’s interviewing authors or sharing a list of her favorite podcasts. In a nutshell, Memphis is lucky to have Belinda Simpson on its side.


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