When it comes to abstract art, creativity is what defines a good piece—and you can certainly see this in each of Beth Winterburn’s one-of-a-kind works. What’s more, the story of Beth’s journey to become a premier abstract artist in Memphis is as unique as her creations.

When Beth went to college with the intention of becoming an architect, she had no idea that she would end up creating bold, minimalist and deep-rooted abstract works. From captivating ink and acrylic prints that feature natural blends to striking canvas and panel works, Beth’s outstanding pieces capture the imagination.

Early journey

Although Beth initially wanted to study architecture at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, her family is full of creative flow. Specifically, her grandfather (a professional photographer) and her grandmother (a painter) set the stage for her mother becoming a seamstress and her brother becoming a musician. Though architecture is certainly an art form, it’s no wonder that Beth’s time studying the highly mathematical and mechanical field drove her to explore a freer and more open-ended method of expressing her creativity. She eventually obtained a fine arts degree in photography instead.

The switch to abstract art

Despite her degree, the increasingly digitized photography profession eventually became too structured for Beth’s creative passion. She found that she preferred a more hands-on approach to expressing herself, and began painting and creating abstract art pieces in her Memphis home studio. After clients expressed interest in purchasing her artwork, she launched her own small-scale art business and continued to experiment with infusing mathematical and creative concepts to create unique works like the piece below (as photographed by Ashleigh Coleman).

Beth’s works are careful and calculated, yet imbued with a feeling of freedom and open-endedness. “No. 6” (http://www.ebw-artwork.com/prints/), which features ink and acrylic components on a wood panel, is just one example of the unique Beth Winterburn creations featured at Memphis art exhibits such as the Young Collectors Contemporary.

Notable works

Beth has been at the forefront of elevating the artistic scene in Memphis, creating a widespread collection of canvas, panel and print works. Her “Awake. No. 2” canvas is an expression of bold and visually slicing elements that mix both light and dark shades, while “Box Me In” blends multiple elements for unique interpretations and the stunning “Ornament” panel is a joy to explore. Take a look at these works for yourself using the links below:

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