Quaneshia Farris

By day, she’s an unassuming nurse practitioner named Quaneshia Farris. But away from her day job, she’s affectionately known to all as Q—a Memphis creative with an eye for fashion, a devoted fan of all Memphis sports teams and a loving mother to her family. Roll that all together […]



Photo Credit: Lifestyle in Focus Over the last decade, Memphis has made a name for itself as a haven for artists of all kinds. This is especially true for those who color outside the lines—including mother/daughter duo Jennie and Elizabeth, who took […]


Liz Brasher

Cover Photo Credit: Liz Brasher is a one-of-a-kind Southern music artist—one you can’t box into any single category. Indeed, her music is an intricate blend between church flavor, homely tunes and bar moods infused with guitar, singing and soul. From a young age, Brasher was […]


Brittney Boyd Bullock

Cover Photo Credit: The artistic flair of Memphis extends beyond paintings, abstract art and sculpture. Indeed, Memphis is also a hot spot for fashion startups, one of which has Memphis artist Brittney Boyd Bullock at the helm. As the founder of the Memphis-based brand Don’t […]


Kyle T

I am a graduating international business major studying at The University of Memphis who moved to this area for school nearly four years ago. I chose international business because I knew I wanted to travel, and you can do anything with a business degree. Although I did not know anyone when I […]


Lester Merriweather

The rebirth of Memphis would not be possible without artists who represent strong socioeconomic messages. Indeed, visual artists in Memphis are at the forefront in terms of raising social awareness of how our culture and economy affect diverse groups of people. One such artist is Lester Julian […]


Danny Broadway

“I was good at art when I was a little kid, but didn’t have any real interest in it until I was in high school,” said Memphis-based artist Danny Broadway. “My art teacher encouraged me to continue, and the more I got into it, the more I liked it.” Broadway’s enjoyment of […]


Tonya Dyson

Memphis music has always been different. From the fusions of country and soul singers that emanated from Soulsville to the gritty guitar sounds echoing off Beale Street, the music of Memphis has influenced the world. Our music is infectious – it gets in your bones and calls to artists like a […]


Dalisia Brye

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, trials and triumphs. Dalisia Brye knows this well, and she often shares her own life experiences to uplift, inspire, and bring hope to others in the Memphis community. Dalisia’s journey back to Memphis began during her years as a Tennessee State […]

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Sometimes the best way to shake off the stress of the average workweek is to go up on stage and sing along to your favorite songs. Karaoke night is unlike any other night. Whether you come with friends or on your own, you can enjoy having a drink and singing the night away. It doesn’t […]


Forbes says Memphis could lead the way in minority owned businesses!

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Amazing Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Memphis

Are you looking for more stories on what makes Memphis great? Be sure to follow our Instagram page below! Memphis is a city you truly need to see to believe. While the best way to do this is to actually visit our great city, we want to highlight some of what you can expect on such a […]

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