Address: 1503 Madison Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104


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Sonstorm Studio is a new name for a familiar fixture to the Memphis music landscape.


Located in Midtown, the historic studio offers a private, laid back environment that breeds creativity! We offer professional music production, recording, and mixing services. Our spacious facility houses 2 full service studios, equipped with Class A Mics and Pre-amps. Our large tracking room floor has recorded some of the best choirs and bands in the business.


This studio has been home to legendary Memphis artists such as 3-6 mafia, 8ball & MJG, Wendy Moten, The Bar-Kays, Terrance Howard (Hustle and Flow) and countless others.


Come record where legendary Memphis artists made history!

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SonStorm Studio Specifications

Lounge and lobby areas for listening parties and small gatherings.


  • Neumann U87
  • Class A Neve pre-amps
  • Focal Monitoring system
  • Yamaha Stage Custom drum kit
  • 2 Iso booths
  • Spacious control room
  • Large room for large choirs and band recordings


  • Focusrite ISA pre-amp
  • AKG 414/214
  • Iso booth
  • KRK Rokit monitoring system

Podcast room

  • SM7b podcast mic
  • Iso booth

Recent SonStorm Studio Artists

  • Felly the Voice
  • 8Ball & MJG
  • Mono Neon
  • Ashley Ave
  • White $osa
  • Kendrick P
  • TN Mass Choir
  • Josh Bracy
  • The Bar-Kays
  • Chinese Connection Dub Embassy
  • Tre DaVinci
  • Kato 2x
  • Chugg Jamal

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