Phone: (901-779-2044)/(901-633-4409)

Address: 400 Union Ave Memphis, TN 38103 (Located inside of Made in Memphis Entertainment)


Inquire about recording: [email protected]

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The studios are meant to evoke “state of the art.” Our studios are a unquie collaborative space. We’re looking to get great musicians together in live spaces and let them jam together and get a real feel in the music. Our vision is that 4U Recording will be an iconic location for music production in the city.


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4U Recording Specifications


Our premier tracking and mixing room. Our largest, with 2 large vocal booths. A Baldwin grand piano. API AXS legacy 32-input console. ATC scm300 main monitors and ATC scm300 subs for mains. Nuemann KH310 near field monitors. Arsersal of outboard gear and plugins. Can fit 30 orchestral musicians.


(Not recommended for vocal overdubs, because it has no vocal booth) Our premier mixing room. Smaller tracking room. No vocal booth. ATC scm300 main monitors. ATC scm25 nearfield monitors. Arsenal of outboard gear and plugins. Burl Vancouver for summing up to 32 channels out of the box for that big analog sound. Can fit 15 orchestral musicians.


Midsized tracking and control room. One vocal booth. One ISO booth. Great for tracking and mixing. ATC scm45A main monitors. Arsenal of outboard gear and plugins. Can fit 20 orchestral musicians.


Outfitted for music production, tracking, editing, and mixing. Tailored for music production. Focal Alpha 80 studio monitors. Pro Tools 12 with waves horizon bundle. Auto tune Pro, Reason 10 (including additional sample libraries), Ableton Live. BAE 1073 mic pre. Custom 1176 compressor. Focusrite Clarrett 8pre. Hammer action keyboard controller.


Tracking room/ editing suite. ProTools 12, FL studio pro. Focusrite Clarrett 8 pre. Focal Alpha 50 studio speakers, keyboard controller.

Recent 4U Recording Artists

  • Porcelan “Lois Lane Single” Produced by Hamilton Hardin
  • Moneybagg Yo “Time Served Album
  • K.Michelle “ All Monsters Are Human” 1-2 Songs on Album Engineered by our 4U engineer Walter Person

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