Hispanic Heritage Month: 5 Questions with Vic Vega of Vic Vega Clothing Brand

By: Brianna Smith-Herman

Victor Ivan Vega is a bilingual entrepreneur, an active member of the Greater Memphis Chamber of  Commerce, and he is also the founder of the VIC VEGA clothing brand. He was born in Queretaro, Mexico, and migrated to Memphis at the young age of four. “When my mother and I first migrated to Memphis, I remember seeing the pyramid, the bridge, and lights, and I knew right then that Memphis was my home and that one day I would do BIG things for the city,” Vic said. “When I was younger I had to translate a lot for my mother so that built up my confidence and made me very comfortable with adapting to any environment.” Twenty years later, Victor is on the up and up as a fashion designer, entrepreneur, and businessman, releasing his VV brand in 2021, right here in The Bluff City.

We met up with Victor to ask him a few questions and to pay homage to him for his accomplishments in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. 

What is the Vic Vega brand? 

VIC VEGA CLOTHING BRAND is more than just a brand it’s a lifestyle, a wave, and the city’s mentality of Grit N Grind. It is true and authentic. It tells the story of the American Dream and how any day you can wake up and reinvent yourself to go after your goals and dreams. 

What inspires the designs and colors?

At VIC VEGA we don’t value profit, we value impact by inspiring and supporting the one that wears VV. Our vision is for our supporters to feel inspired to follow their vision and bet on themselves. The design is very unique: the top Vs represent Memphis and the bottom Vs stand for VIC VEGA. The colors give it that offset look; the black and white stand for understanding and balance. 

Have you always had a passion for clothes and design? Why was it important to start your brand here in Memphis? 

Yes, I’ve always loved clothing and design. Growing up I would always draw and design. It would often get me in trouble in my math class because I would daydream and draw. I still don’t know how to solve y=mx+b, sorry coach… but hey look at me now! It was very important for me to start the brand in Memphis because this city has so much culture from food to sports, music, and the mentality of Grit n Grind. It’s the most beautiful land in the world and I’m just so happy that I get to represent it throughout my entrepreneurial journey. 

How do you want people to feel when they rock Vic Vega Clothing? Are all your clothes unisex? 

I hope that they feel inspired and supported because we all need a friend to lean on and that’s what we represent at VV. We have options for everyone and anyone. One day maybe even for our furry best friends! 

What’s next for you and the brand? 

We are now getting ready to drop our upcoming projects, it’s going to be our best work yet!  It’s going to highlight the city and our youth. We are very excited and can’t wait to share with the world. I’m now being mentored and guided by the best ever since joining the Greater Memphis Chamber, this past summer. I’m also one of the youngest members so I know that there is a lot more learning and growing to do. We have the best team in the country so I’m not worried or stressed. I’ll be ready to step up when my name is called.

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