The year 2019 marks the bicentennial of Memphis. Over the next year, the city will celebrate not only its history, but look ahead to the future. Across town and in every corner of Memphis, projects, activities and events are all planned. These are just some of the few to look forward to.

One Beale

Beale Street in Memphis is one of the best-known and most historic streets in all the United States. The history of the street dates back to the founding of the city, and yet the future will continue on with its legacy. One Beale looks to bring new opportunity to the city while transforming the Memphis skyline.

One Beale will transform more than 5.5 riverfront acres into a multi-use development. This development will cost an estimated $225 million with the first half of this getting underway in 2019. The building will host the Hyatt Centric hotel, residential space, plus additional retail and office opportunities for the growing community.

Central Station

Central Station has long been a staple in the South Main District. However, in previous years, the building fell on harder times. That is why the new development is so exciting. With a $55 million budget, the new Central Station will be completely renovated, bringing in a boutique hotel plus commercial space.

Memphis is quickly becoming known as the epicenter of small business. Those with a dream of a startup or small business are coming to Memphis thanks to what the city has to offer, both in its desirable tax configuration (plus the lack of a state income tax) and the talent pool located here. Central Station will once again be a beacon in its district.

Mississippi River Park

Fourth Bluff and Memphis River Parks Partnership are working to beautify the park space, with the hope of offering outdoor lovers additional features to help maximize their time while in the park. There will be outdoor space, perfect for picnics and gatherings outside. There will be new walking, hiking and biking trails along the river, not to mention buildings to host small-scale events (because sometimes it’s best to get out of the office and take in the natural surroundings of Memphis). With these renovations underway, 2019 will be an exciting year for lovers of the park.

Activities and events

There are a number of activities and events planned for the coming months (with more to be announced) to celebrate the Memphis Bicentennial. The Memphis in May International Festival is in its 42nd year, and it will bring the world to the city, as everything from unique activities to new museum exhibits will go on display for the event. Additionally, make sure to check out the Birth of Bluff City at local Memphis libraries (starting March 23), the 2019 Beale Street Music Festival (May 3 to May 5) and a Taste of Memphis (April 18).

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