All About Memphis’ New Broadband Plan!

Ever had to deal with painfully slow internet? You’re not alone. In Memphis, the struggle for decent broadband is real. But the city is making moves to make fast internet access easier and more equitable.

Why Slow Internet Matters

If you’re living in an area that has fast internet, you’re probably only aware of the setbacks of slow internet every once in a while.  Well, that’s the reality for many Memphians. And it’s not just about streaming your favorite shows or gaming. High-speed broadband is as essential as water or electricity these days. From homework to job applications and healthcare, everything’s online.

The Memphis 3.0 Plan

So, what’s the plan? The City of Memphis is all about making Memphis one of the most connected cities in America. They’re on a mission to ensure every Memphian can utilize (and enjoy) the digital world. The key? Future-ready broadband networks.

But here’s the kicker: the majority of Memphians don’t have access to decent internet. Memphis’ median fixed broadband speeds are among the slowest in the nation.

The Ordinance Amendment

To tackle this issue, the city is introducing an ordinance amendment. It’s all about incentivizing investments in high-speed broadband. They want to make it more economically feasible for telecom companies to provide better service which makes access more equitable for the city as a whole.

The plan introduces new rules for telecom companies, requiring them to ensure high-speed broadband is available in at least 60% of Memphis’ residential and business premises, including low-income areas.

Why Fiber?

It’s reliable, super-fast, and can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. The plan is to attract private capital to build top-notch communication infrastructure in Memphis. That means more choices and better internet for you and your neighbors.

The Bigger Picture

This move is part of the Memphis 3.0 and Smart City plans, aiming to make Memphis a more prosperous and inclusive city. These plans focus on growth, policy, and connectivity for the next 20 years. They’re all about expanding equity, opportunity, and tech-savviness across the city.

So, essentially, get ready for faster, better internet!

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