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There’s a good deal of excitement coming out of Memphis lately. From job growth to promoting minority business owners, Memphis isn’t just growing strong, it’s shaping the world in the process. So whether you’re looking for a new home to relocate to or you’re interested in opening your very own business, here are just a few of the ways Business in Memphis continues to change the world for the better.

Helping minority business owners thrive

Memphis has dedicated itself to helping minorities not only live out their dreams of opening up businesses but to assist them in taking their businesses to the next level. In fact, minority-owned businesses are thriving in Memphis unlike any other location in the country, and there are a number of programs behind the scenes helping to make this happen.

The Supplier Diversity Collaboration is designed to work with the heads of minority-owned businesses in making connections between buyers and sellers of products. And the more businesses that enroll into the collaboration process, the easier it becomes to work out beneficial deals for all parties involved.

Additionally, the Greater Memphis Chamber has a special MMBC Continuum program that is designed to help qualified women and individuals of color develop partnerships and network with larger corporations. One of the biggest struggles any small business has is obtaining favorable contracts with product and service providers. The Greater Memphis Chamber helps make this happen.

Developing a better workforce

A business is only as good as its employees, so having access to a better workforce is vital to the sustainability of a company. Businesses don’t simply go to one location over another because of the tax breaks. Businesses go to new cities based on the quality of the workers on hand, and it doesn’t matter what kind of tax break is available if the employees are unable to perform a given task. This is where the Greater Memphis Alliance for a Competitive Workforce comes in.

This program is designed to help identify gaps in skilled positions that potential employers are interested in. The program then goes out and trains local workers in these given skills in order to help produce the highest quality employee to fit the growing need of companies around the region.

Expanding transportation

With the growth of Memphis it has become important for the international airport to grow right along with it. Business executives need to be able to travel not only regionally, but to other major cities as they make pitches to possible clients. To help with this, Southwest Airlines recently announced it would start offering nonstop flights from Memphis to Atlanta, the busiest airport in the world. This not only makes it easier for professionals to travel to and from Memphis, but it also helps reduce the cost of travel, which means more money can be pumped back into the business.

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