Remember when life was a lot simpler? The sweet days when we’re able to hit the gym after work, and take long weekend walks through our favorite parks. Those were the days when we weren’t worried about flattening the curve and were simply obsessed with flattening our tummies. 

It’s not like we forgot the positive effect physical activity can have on our mood, overall well being, or on the body’s defense system. But for many of us, exercise just became the non-essential business of everyday life during a pandemic. 

But as with all good things—and not so good things—they all eventually come to an end, self-isolation included. Are you ready to give up spending all your time binge re-watching Joe Exotic while eating pints of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream?

We hope so. To help accelerate the comeback of fitness, We Are Memphis is gladly taking on the thankless job of Virtual Fitness Boot Camp Drill Instructor. You know what time it is, private! You’ve had enough quarantine and chill. It’s time to get physical.

Here is a list of local fitness studios and trainers offering virtual, online workout classes amid the Coronavirus outbreak:

1. Better Bodies Yoga: The Studio is scheduled to reopen on May 16. In the meantime, you can attend Yoga Classes virtually on Zoom. Each class costs $20. You must sign up at least 30 minutes before class start time. Sign up through the MINDBODY app. Better Bodies also offers a variety of on-demand yoga classes and workout equipment. Send an email to reserve blocks, blanket, bolster, strap, and a set of weights if needed.  

2. Core Collective: Founded to grow wellness within the community by providing balanced, whole-body exercise, Core Collective offers six different classes: strength, interval, fundamentals, Vinyasa flow, circuits, and a private Reformer. Get two weeks of unlimited online classes for $49. Classes are offered on Vimeo.

3. F45 Training: Specializing in innovative, high-intensity group workouts that are fast, fun, and results-driven, F45 Training offers cardio and resistance training as well as hybrid workouts. Classes are 45 minutes long and are guaranteed to get your blood and heart pumping. For $20 a week, you’ll get five custom workouts, exclusive content, and support for maintaining your fitness goals. Sign up through the MINDBODY app.

4. Hot Yoga Plus: Founded on the belief that when a person finds harmony of the mind, body, and spirit, they can also find healing, health, and joy. Hot Yoga Plus offers 6 classes: power flow, espresso flow, hot 26, fusion, sculpt, and restorative. Sign up through the MINDBODY app. The classes cost $10. 

5. Pike Yoga: Guaranteed to keep you zen between your LIVE studio practices, the team of highly trained and qualified instructors At Pike Yoga believe that EVERYONE needs yoga. Pike offers 2 subscription models. Monthly Membership for $16/month with a 7-day free trial. Yearly Membership for $160/year with 2 months free and 14-day free trial.

6. Shred415: Offering up to 6 live-streamed workouts daily, Shred415’s classes alternate between total body strength, total body strength, and cardio, and guided running routines. Workouts feature four 15-minute intervals all guaranteed to keep your heart rate elevated. Shred415 also offers free live Instagram and Facebook workouts. 

7. ZenStudio Fitness: View 8 workout videos for free on ZenStudio’s website. Classes are in sculpt, barre, bounce, cycle, kick, core, yoga, and dance cardio. The studio also offers on-demand classes featuring all 13 of their unique class methods. Sign up through the MINDBODY app. The classes cost $20.

8. Soul is Fitness with David Quarles IV: Our exclusive Soul is Fitness Virtual Soul event is FREE to access anytime! Hosted by David Quarles IV, this hour-long event will keep your feet dancing and soul smiling!

How are you staying fit at home? Drop us a line on Twitter and let us know!

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