Soul Is: JHues Photography

At We Are Memphis, we’re all inspiring others to bring and share their souls with the city. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to start a new local business, a musician who’s ready to rock out with some of the best artists in the world, or a creative with an eye for capturing your unique perspective, we’re here to inspire you to be your most authentic self. Memphis’ Soul can’t be defined with just a few words. Soul is change, innovation, ingenuity, creativity, and so much more.

If you’ve seen our latest billboards around town, you’ll see photos from some of Memphis’ photographers. From families and couples to artists and activists, all of these moments embody that iconic Memphis Soul.

Want to learn more about the creative behind the lens? Keep reading!

What inspired you to be a photographer?

I noticed a lack of Black women in the lifestyle and intimate wedding photos that I would see in the media and decided to become a part of the solution to fix that.  So I picked up a camera and taught myself how to shoot.  

What inspires you to capture Memphis and Memphians the way you do? 

I love my city as the backdrop of my photos.  There’s so much art and Beauty in soo many areas.  Shelby Farms, downtown, Overton park… not to mention all the historical venues.  Photographing around town makes the viewer feel closer to the work.   Makes it more personal.  Almost like you can imagine yourself in the image.  

How do you put your soul into your work? What do you hope others take away from it? 

I put a lot on time and patience into each shoot.  I scope the scene, choose the appropriate Memphis model, and come up with a mood while also not overdoing it.  I want people to feel like they themselves could be in the photo.  I don’t want to intimidate the viewer.  I want them to see the same beauty (of Memphis) that I see.  

Share your favorite moment during the shoot that resulted in the picture we’re sharing

So I asked Ced & Niki to model for me so I can use the photos for promo.  They were really natural in front of the camera.  We walked to the Trolly stop on Huling & S.Main and I asked Ced to put his arms around his wife to keep her warm.  They took it from there.  Pretty sure he whispered his favorite food in a seductive voice in her ear.  

How has Memphis allowed you to come into your own as an artist? What advice do you have for other up-and-coming artists? 

I’ve gotten soo much help from other Artists to help grow me as a photographer.  Don Lifted let me shoot his shows, Kameron Whalum hits me up for personal work, I work with Erika at Stock&Belle on interior design photography.  David Quarles trusts me to photograph his work!  I’m able to link with and learn from soo many Memphis artists because I put myself out there and ask.  We LOVE helping a fellow artist out here (in Memphis). Go to meet ups.  Visit the busy spots and have conversations with people around you.  You never know who you’re talking to or who could help you.  

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