Five of Our Favorite Memphis Food Trucks

By: Ezra Wheeler

Just a few years ago, Memphis food trucks were derided by some as a passing fad, a trend that would soon go the way of the once-trendy cereal cafe. Thankfully, those takes now look colder than, well, cereal. Today, it’s clear that food trucks are not only here to stay, but are often just as beloved as many brick-and-mortar restaurants. As one of America’s culinary capitals, it should come as no surprise that Memphis is blessed with a seemingly endless array of delicious options. After much hand-wringing and debate, here are five of our favorite local food trucks in Memphis that you should check out ASAP.


Bain Barbecue

While pork will always reign supreme in the Bluff City, Bain BBQ makes a convincing case that Texas-style beef is indeed the real deal. Opened by native Texan Bryant Bain, the food truck has quickly become a favorite amongst the city’s carnivorous crowd. Although Bain’s carries some traditional Memphis favorites such as pulled pork and mac and cheese (all of which is certainly up to snuff), we suggest trying their brisket sandwich and smoked sausages first. Bain BBQ is currently located at 2471 Broad Ave. Check out their website for up-to-date times and follow them on Instagram @Bain.bbq



Yes, Loaf has only been in existence for just a few weeks at this point, but their food suggests that they will soon become a local favorite. So take our advice and get there while you can still get bragging rights amongst your friends for “discovering them first.” Loaf’s bread and butter (see what we did there?) is reinventing Memphis classics with a fresh twist, such as their

Bulgogi Bologna sandwich (BBQ bologna, kimchi mustard, and napa slaw). In addition to lunch, they also offer a brunch menu that looks just as mouth-watering, and each menu includes an assortment of vegetarian options. Loaf is currency located at 973 Blythe St. in the parking lot of the First Congo Church, right in the heart of Cooper-Young. Hours may vary, so check out their Facebook for up-to-date info. Visit them on Instagram!


N!hsay Food Truck

After leaving Memphis following high school, I spent several years living in both Louisiana and South Korea, both of which are responsible for some of my favorite food ever. So you can imagine my excitement when I first discovered the Cajun-Asian fusion of N!hsay Food Truck, an unconventional pairing of the two cultures that works exceptionally well. While everything I have had from them has been truly top-notch, you can’t go wrong with their signature dish “Scrape the Bowl,” a combination of shrimp, sausage, bell peppers, and onions sauteed in a signature blend of Cajun and Asian seasoning served over rice. To keep up with their schedule, follow N!hsay on Instagram at @nhhsay.


DimSum Mem

If you still primarily get your Chinese food from mall-based chain restaurants or subpar take-on restaurants, then shame on you. Thankfully, we have a much better (and lighter) option that may be just around the corner. As their name suggests, DimSum Mem specializes in the traditional Chinese cuisine of dim sum, which consists of small batches of fried and steamed bite-sized morsels that will make you forget all about that processed orange chicken. When it comes to bang for your buck, it’s hard to beat DimSum Mem, which features an assortment of fresh dumplings, potstickers, spring rolls, and more. Although they tend to operate nearly every day of the week, you’ll have to check out their weekly schedule on Facebook or Instagram to find out where they’ll be next.


Stuck on a Stick Co.

Although I like to think of myself as a bit of a food truck connoisseur, I decided to reach out to some friends and family for their suggestions on some hidden gems around town. While plenty of Memphis food trucks received lots of love, one unfamiliar name kept popping up again and again: Stuck on a Stick. After a quick glance at their photo gallery, I quickly understood why. They offer a variety of options ranging from quesadillas to racks of lamb to yes, food on a stick, but one thing clearly unified the menu…This food is downright decadent. Unless you’re currently counting calories (or just hate good food), then put Stuck on a Stick on your to-do list right now. You can follow Stuck on a Stick’s whereabouts via their Facebook page, or on Instagram at @stuckonastick&more_llc

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