Promise of Vaccine Provides Emotional Relief — Even for Those Still Waiting

It’s been a year since the coronavirus swept across the world, people went into quarantine, offices went dark and the world shut down. As COVID-19 vaccines roll out, many say the promise of some normalcy gives them the mental strength to hold out a bit longer — even if they don’t yet have access to a shot.

Avid hiker Jamie Gold, 60, is busily training to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, a trip she’s already postponed once. While she hasn’t gotten the vaccine, she is hopeful she’ll get it in time to make her momentous trek in December. The possibility of that trip provides something exciting to anticipate.

“I’m trying to patiently wait and stay as safe as possible,” she says.

Gold is not alone in her feelings. Even those who have not yet received the vaccine are making a mental shift for the first time in a year. They’re planning reunions with friends and family, booking travel, and anticipating the cautious resumption of daily activities. There’s a feeling that an end of some sort is in sight as they wait their turn for a dose.

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