Here's why Saveur said Memphis was one of their favorite American food cities

Saveur is one of the world’s premier culinary magazines. It provides its readers with information about food, food travel and the best places around the globe to find the best experiences with food. It is an honor and a privilege to be recognized by the writers and editors of Saveur as a favorite food destination. That is why the different types of Memphis food that we enjoy and love is being honored by Saveur.

Memphis Food, 2018 Reader’s/Editor’s Choice

Bloggers, food personalities, chefs and other culinary stars gathered in November 2018 to spend some time discussing what makes Memphis food special. Attendees hailed from as far away as Germany, Chile and South Africa, as Saveur issued its choice awards to food and travel bloggers, the elite food photographers and those who influence what we think about food.

Those who came to Memphis for the two-day experience were exposed to some of the best Memphis has to offer. Beyond the briskets and other meats that are traditional to Memphis barbeque, the group was treated to local charcuterie, wines and craft beers, as well as Cuban-inspired fare from local restaurateur Lisa Toro. Dining on Cuban biscuits, sandwiches and specialty cocktails gave a different perspective of the type of Memphis food offered that goes beyond what is considered traditional Southern food.

A Taste of Winning Memphis Food

Those who attended the event were treated to a surprise field trip. They were taken to a lunch that was provided by local restaurant favorite Four Way Restaurant. Located at 998 Mississippi Boulevard in the city’s historic “Soulsville” neighborhood, it has been providing down home meals since 1946, nearly 75 years. It was a favorite spot for dining for civil rights leaders like the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Diners got to taste truly American food, including greens and okra, fried catfish, turkey with dressing and other classically soul-inspired food. A panel discussion featuring Cynthia Daniels, founder of Memphis’ Black Restaurant Week and Four Way owner Patrice Bates Thompson helped hammer home the point on how diversity shapes the Memphis food scene and inspires locals from all walks and shades to contribute to the city’s culinary reputation.

The rest of the world is coming to learn what locals and tourists already know about Memphis food; it is a favorite food in America. The offerings of soul food, barbeque and other local, regional and national cuisines place Memphis on par with other cities across the country. Whether it’s a visit to Four Way Restaurant, or ribs at Central BBQ (or any of the great barbeque restaurants in Memphis) spending time dining in Memphis can give a great perspective of why the world came in November 2018 to celebrate Memphis food!

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