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For Chris & Emily Taylor, Mempops Are Always In Season

Founded in 2015 by Chris Taylor, Mempops started with one dessert cart going from festival to festival, event to event. In the early days, Chris could be found all over town in that one dessert cart slinging pops and inviting festival goers, park regulars and more to try his Mempops.

It didn’t take long for folks to take notice and begin to crave the latest sweet treats on the block. Their fruit and cream-based ingredients are sourced from local farmers when seasonally available and their creativity and desire to try new recipes know no bounds. Currently on the menu are their fall favorites including Almond Joy Pops, Pumpkin Cheesecake Pops, Pumpkin Pie Pops, and Caramel Apple Pops.

By virtue of being married to Chris and having a keen sense for good copy and pretty imagery, not to mention a savvy business sense, Emily Taylor is in charge of the behind-the-scenes efforts for Mempops.

“Emily makes things go,” said Chris. “She helps in invaluable ways and is always coming up with fun ways to push Mempops to the community.”

One way Mempops supports the community is through their monthly tip jars that are hosted at all locations. Designated charities typically receive upwards of $2,500.

“For smaller non-profits, $2,500 can be a game-changer,” said Emily Taylor.

Mempops also gives back at special events and other functions. In 2019, they helped raise more than $35,000 for local charities and schools in the area. Their goal is to support every non-profit in the city and then start the cycle over again.

So far, Mempops has supported Playback Memphis, The National Civil Rights Museum, Shelby Farms Park and the Mariposas Collective to name a few. November’s designated charity is Indie Memphis and December is typically tied in with the St. Jude Marathon.

Ranging from hibiscus lemonade to strawberries and cream, toasted marshmallow to apple cranberry, flavors run the gamut of taste and style. Mempops prides itself on trying combinations, not for the faint of heart including the tangy pickle pop, which came about from an April Fool’s joke gone badly.

Emily posted the idea as a gag, and the next thing they knew, they were making them to the delight of their fan base. Other fan favorites include the Arnold Palmer, chocolate fudge and strawberry lemonade. They even have pops for dogs. Not to mention their wide array of fun and Memphis-centric t-shirts and swag they sell at each store location.

Mempops Family

It’s been an incredible run so far and I still feel like we are just getting started,” said Owner Chris Taylor. “2019 will be our best year yet.

With three brick-and-mortar stores already, one in East Memphis, Crosstown, and Collierville, the Mempops brand just expanded to Summer Avenue this spring with a production center to help them field the growing demand for their delicious treats.

The goal is two-fold – grow production, but also host events and show fans the behind-the-scenes operations of their favorite dessert. Since their founding, Mempops has never stopped creating and growing. Mempops is available for business functions, church and school events, festivals and more as well. And they will work with anyone with any budget to make their event work for them.

In the end, Mempops is a family-run, kid-friendly enterprise that cares about Memphis and prides itself on serving the entire community. Just take a look at their social media and you will want to head over to one of their conveniently located stores and treat yourself.

Mempops T Shirts

For more information about Mempops and their current locations, or to book them for your next event, contact

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