Bark to the Park: 5 Dog Parks in the 901!

By: Brianna Smith-Herman

Much like us, our pets are ready to be back outside… and social! 

Photo Credit: @queenchilombo

With Memphis being a heavy pet-friendly city, there’s more than likely a dog park not too far from your home. My canine diva child, Chilombo, absolutely enjoys social interaction with both dogs and other people and enjoys playing and running around without constraints. If your dog is similar to her then an off-the-leash dog park is certainly a place for your pup.

She’s an energetic, playful, mouthy 1- year- old German Shepherd. 

She has such a huge personality! She lets me know when she approves of a dog park with her lively gestures, such as constantly wagging her tail, running full speed, her ears stand straight up and she sticks her tongue out with so much excitement. (As pictured below.)

Dog parks are a great resource for dog owners and can improve social skills amongst your pet. Living in a 1 bedroom apartment, it’s imperative that Chilombo has an opportunity to run off her built-up energy and socialize with other doggies. Check out the list below to find some of Chilombo’s favorite dog friendly spots around The Bluff City!

Mud Island Dog Park

Sponsored by Memphis-based pet supply retailer Hollywood Feed, Mud Island Dog Park is a dog’s dream. Mud Island’s dog park includes lots of space, a small/large dog area, shaded canopies, a water spray mister and water fountains. Mud Island Dog Park is right on the Mississippi River and has beautiful views for both doggies and their owners to enjoy.

Overton Bark

Presented by the Overton Park Conservancy and Hollywood Feed, Overton Bark has areas for large and small dogs, water fountains, and a natural wood-chip & grass surfacing. The area includes water fountains, obstacles, and clean-up stations. Rustic log benches provide a natural seating area for people to relax while their dogs socialize.

Photo Credit: @queenchilombo

 Memphis City Dog Park

Memphis City Dog Park was the first city-run dog park to open in 2010. Located behind the Memphis City Schools Board of Education, the park features two fenced in dog areas and biodegradable bags are provided for waste cleanup. We recommend bringing a water jug in this Memphis heat because there is no water service at this park.

Central Bark

Central Bark is located right in the heart of Downtown Memphis. Central Bark includes automatic dog water bowls, a separate area for small/big dogs, benches and poop stations to clean up after your furry friend. The park is fenced-in and a great place for your dog to socialize.

Photo Credit: @queenchilombo

Shelby Farms Dog Park

Shelby Farms Dog Park is like no other. This dog park is the equivalent to the saying, “…like a kid in a candy store!” This incredible dog park provides more than 100 acres designated for off-leash activities for you and your furry friend. The park features multiple ponds, trails, a water fountain and washing station. Dogs can run, socialize, sniff, swim, explore and play.

As you can see from the photos, my German Shepherd is a fan of all parks that allow her to run and socialize. We know there are dog parks galore here in the 901. Let us know in the comments where you and your pup like to go on a sunny day to unleash!




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