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Top 5 Upscale Memphis Restaurants

While Memphis is known for our casual foods like savory wings and smoky barbecue, there’s always the right time to sit down for a white table cloth dinner. It’s time to get dressed up, grab a special someone (or even treat yourself), and head to some of Memphis’ finest restaurants. Here are just a handful of some of the city’s upscale dining options!

Whether you’re visiting family and friends in Memphis or exploring the town you call home, these downtown Memphis restaurants are sure to get you feelin’ fancy.

No. 1: Folk’s Folly Prime Steakhouse

Memphis’ original prime steakhouse, Folk’s Folly, has been serving the residents of Memphis since 1977. With intimate lighting, private dining and a cozy lounge, Folks Folly Prime Steakhouse is the perfect place for a quiet, relaxing evening with your closest family members.

No. 2: Flight Restaurant and Wine Bar

If Folk’s Folly Prime Steakhouse is Southern hospitality, then Flight Restaurant and Wine Bar is full-on contemporary. A modern, sophisticated restaurant where small plates are served alongside taster glasses of wine, Flight Restaurant is a unique experience and a great way to start an evening.

No. 3: Chez Philipe

Of course, the cities fanciest hotel has some pretty swanky dining options. The Peabody Hotel’s Chez Phillipe, which features French cuisine, is the perfect place for an upscale dinner. Whether you’re stopping in after the evening duck march or staying in the hotel, a meal at this restaurant can’t be missed. Want an inside tip? Try out the Peabody’s afternoon tea. It’s perfect for anyone looking to feel like royalty.

No. 4: The Gray Canary

Situated near the Mississippi River (with a pretty great view of the M bridge’s light show), The Gray Canary features the ultimate classy dining experience. Smoke and char is the name of this restaurant’s game, so expect most of your meal to have some of Memphis’ signature flame flavors. With a rotating menu that reflects ingredients that are in season, you can find unique menu items that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere in the city (we’re looking at you octopus).

No. 5: Restaurant Iris

Chef Kelly English’s restaurant is an Overton Square favorite. This sleek restaurant matches the vibe of the creative menu inspired by Southern favorites. This plus their outstanding cocktail menu makes for a great upscale dining experience.


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