WAMM in Rotation: 5 New Songs for January ’24

Memphis music is truly unstoppable, and each month welcomes more and more incredible new projects. Here are just 5 standout projects that we’ve had on repeat all month long…

MonoNeon – “Church of Your Heart”

Bassist extraordinaire (and all around badass musician) MonoNeon is set to release a new album this year, and to give us a taste of what’s to come, he recently shared the first single off the upcoming project. “Church of Your Heart” is an upbeat and profoundly inspirational track that perfectly pairs MonoNeon’s soulful vocals over his signature funky production. The highlight of the song though is the message, which reminds us that no matter how hopeless we may feel, we all possess a powerful inner strength. Yea, there’s truly no one cooler than MonoNeon. 


An official video for “Church of Your Heart” is scheduled to be released on January 28, but here’s a sneak peek for all you impatient folks…

91′ Co. – Drmst8 2 

Memphis rapper 91’ Co is one third of rap supergroup Supa Glock Bros, but on his latest release we see him return back to his solo venture. Drmst8 2 is an ambitious yet undeniably impressive project that features hazy, vibed out beats and 91’ Co’s sharp delivery. The album also nicely showcases his deep artistic range as tracks like “WORK TO DO” and “Like Skrt” find 91’ Co effortlessly switching between rapping and singing. If Drmst8 2 is any indication of what else he has in store for the year, 2024 is about to be big.

Kid Maestro – “Tajin Tapes Vol. II”

Kid Maestro is one of the creative masterminds behind Memphis collective Unapologetic., but he doesn’t step into the spotlight himself very often. In fact, you’ll most likely find Kid locked in his studio in Outerspace, cooking up his next mind-blowing production. Luckily for us though, he’s starting 2024 by sharing his work in a new series called the Tajin Tapes. Each week, he’s hand delivering a collection of beats and so far, each beat is absolute fire. Listen to what he’s shared so far in the Unapologetic World App and keep an eye out for what’s next. Based on these first offerings, you won’t want to miss a note.

Life’s Luckii – “Ugly Beautiful Life”

I’m gonna say this right now – Life’s Luckii is special. Her delivery is ferocious. Her words are impactful and poignant. She controls any and all beats with an expertise that would make the most seasoned of artists jealous. She possesses the makings of a truly gifted artist and proves it yet again with her newest single, “Ugly Beautiful Life.” Over melodic production, Luckii muses about the inevitable high highs and low lows of life. However, she’s quick to remind us that the most beautiful aspect of this journey is the growth we experience as a result. This one will be on repeat for the foreseeable future, please DND.

HitKidd ft. GloRilla, Gloss Up, Aleza, Slimeroni, and K Carbon – Renegade

While everyone was busy getting their tree up and Christmas gifts wrapped, HitKidd quietly released Renegade, a collaborative album featuring Memphis’ hottest female MCs: GloRilla, Gloss Up, Aleza, Slimeroni, and K Carbon. Spanning 17 tracks, the project features some singles we’ve heard before (like smash hits “F.N.F” and “Shabooya”) and some standout brand new tracks like the menacing “Luv A” or the hypnotic “No Comment”. HitKidd’s production is nothing to play with, but the stars of the project are (unsurprisingly) the women, who yet again show that while they’re formidable apart they’re even better together.


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