Meet Brezay

by Kierstyn Pryor

Meet Brezay, a 22-year-old rising in the Memphis music scene who you need to know. From marketing to choreography and dance, to songwriting, and of course, singing, Brezay is a multi-talented artist with a blend of R&B and hip-hop that make this Memphis gem one to watch. 

Early Career

Brezay began her musical journey at the tender age of 15 when she found herself skipping class to go to the studio room with her producer and longtime friend, JKidd. However, she knew that she wanted to grow and better herself as an artist and needed more time to do so – Brezay did not embark on her love for singing publicly until the beginning of her freshman year in college. This allowed her to gain a bigger fanbase as well as many opportunities within her dance career. At such a young age, the star has already competed on a few well known competition shows like America’s Got Talent and even danced alongside the amazing dance duo, Ayo & Teo. 

Inspirations and Goals

Inspired by artists like Chris Brown and Ciara, Brezay’s goal is to bring back a focus on music as entertainment. She believes that an artist is always most memorable for their ability to put on a show. She is passionate about the importance of leaving a legacy behind and what she wants people to remember of her when her time is up. Furthermore, appealing to a broader audience and proving her ability to be versatile is on the top of her priority list. This explains exactly why her newest single “Buss it” shows us a new side of her and an all new style for Brezay that we’ve been waiting for. The “What’s the Move” singer tells us that she wanted to show a different side of herself. “Everyone has always seen the cute and sexy side of me, I want to show that I can do all styles and genres,” she says. Brezay is doing just that as her music has already displayed the sounds of hip hop, pop, and R&B. 

The Latest

Brezay’s 2020 single “Crazy Feeling“ reached 2.2K views on YouTube and displayed just how well she can dance and sing. The music video gave youth across America a reason to smile during the pandemic by giving them an opportunity to showcase their talents on social media platforms for a prize. Not only that, Brezay’s video proved she has swag! She believes it is important for an artist to have an unforgettable style and has put her knowledge of marketing to good use with her clothing line, Brezerk Clothing. 

In 2021, Brezay released her first EP and amazingly enough, it received just the traction it deserved. Her song “What’s the Move“ featuring Billboard charting artist Porcelan quickly became her most-streamed track on music platforms. Recently Brezay was chosen to rock an events stage in Atlanta alongside rappers Domani and “Throat Baby” rapper  BRS Kash. She is already up by popular demand and plans to keep it that way. Brezay tells us that she plans to continue to take on the music world with several singles until people notice that she is absolutely here to stay. 

Check out Brezay’s single “Buss It” below and find her on all streaming platforms. Want to know more about her clothing line? Check out @brezerkclothing on Instagram! 

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