Big Boogie’s New Album “Definition of Big Dude” Showcases His Versatility

“It’s Big Dude, big underrated!” Despite this mantra, Memphis’ very own acclaimed rapper Big Boogie has become far from underrated over the last few years. While he has been in the music scene for quite a while, he has finally begun to receive the recognition he deserves. With the release of his new album “Definition of Big Dude,” he is taking his career even further and showing us that he is not playing any games!

Big Boogie signed with Yo Gotti’s CMG label back in 2020, an unforgettable move in his career that was mentioned in one of his recent songs “Mind Frame.” “ Signed with CMG they seen some in me mind ya business,” he raps. Along with rappers Glorilla, Moneybagg Yo, and Big 30, Big Boogie is one of the homegrown artists that local legend Yo Gotti has helped usher into the limelight.

Boogie’s last album, 2021’s “UNDERRATED,” was a surprise hit, thanks in large part to the single “ Pop Out“. The song currently has over 7 million streams and captured the ears of TikTok users across the world who engaged in the popular challenge where they danced while leaning on the arms of others at parties, at home, and even at school. That wasn’t the only song that sent Big Boogie’s streams skyrocketing, though. “Homegirl” made its TikTok debut as well, leading to another popular dance challenge. It is undeniable that Big Boogie has made a name for himself as someone who can get people across the world to dance immediately! “I added dancing to my career, that’s my special job”, said Big Dude in one of his recent songs on his new album.

While Boogie first made a splash with these viral dance tracks, he shows a different side of himself on his new project “Definition of Big Dude”. The album, which was released on January 31st, has continued to gain traction amongst both old and new fans alike. While the album still has some dancing favorites, the rapper also shows a more vulnerable side of himself. Songs like “Hurt Times Hurt,” “Maybach,” and “Mine” display a more serious and introspective side of Big Boogie that we’ve rarely heard before. Throughout the album, he discusses his past trials and tribulations with money, violence, and even romance. This newfound openness has helped to make his 7th album one of his best yet.

Versatility is something many people tend to look for in an artist, andBoogie has it in spades. From his voice and his dancing to his unforgettable style, Big Boogie is well positioned to be Memphis’ next breakout star.

You can check out Big Boogie’s “Definition of Big Dude” on Spotify or wherever you get your music!

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