Keep Cool and Look Cool at The FedEx St. Jude Championship

By: Ali Manning

“Style is the essence of your inner being and creativity expressed through intentional design.” – Ali Manning, Food Scientist/Lifestyle Content Creator

Style is osmotic. It’s the expression and balance of who we are and how we want to be perceived. It’s a conglomerate of the things we have collected over a lifetime; for work and events, for pleasure, and comfort. When I was asked to write a guest blog, I thought, “How do I make this useful for everyday people and applicable for the PGA tournament?” Here’s my best shot, and I hope it’s on par (pun intended).

“Don’t wear your clothes too tight! You gotta let your body breathe.” Mom used to say. Well, to this day, I hear her voice and wearing breathable textiles and loose-fit clothing is [still] the best option for outdoor events. I grew up playing tennis in Alabama, so I thought I knew a thing or two until I moved to Memphis. Summertime in Memphis is hot as H-E-Double hockey sticks, so how does one stay fresh and fabulous during a long day at the tournament?

Here are a few tips for making this (or any outdoor experience) a breeze.

Fabrics like cotton, linen, and chiffon are breezy materials that serve multiple functions— creating motion with the wisp of the wind and allowing air to pass to the body, cooling us down. Sweat stains are unsightly and can be embarrassing after spending time pulling together your favorite look. I’d first suggest bringing a portable fan, doubling up on the antiperspirant, or trying absorbent underarm sweat pads from Amazon ($15.99/100 pack). Clothing with flowy tops and fluttery sleeves adds movement and flair to any outfit. The short set (pictured here) from River Island is one of my favorites because it’s lightweight, and the patterns hide my “food baby”.

Color is a must in my wardrobe. I find it advantageous to have an array of neutral colors, warm/cool tones, and mixed patterns based on your skin tone. Color analysis tools are available online, but try starting with a simple trick like putting a color wheel up to your face, allowing you to see what colors you prefer and what looks best with our features. If you’re like me, try bringing a hint of drama to the course with feathers, fringe, or a scarf. Scarves are a perfect accessory to whisk away sweat from the brow or add a pop of color to a handbag.

For those who have got their style down pat, try other brands with unique pieces to enhance your current wardrobe, like local boutiques Shop Ivory Closet, Shelby Jewel, and Stock & Belle. If you’re not confident wearing bold and bright colors, try simple black or white pieces that fit well and make you feel your best. No laws in fashion say an item must be worn how it was made or styled how it was shown; whatever you choose to wear, make it your own.

So, that leads me to my last tip, radically mixed prints. It can all seem overwhelming, but I always say, “if it goes, let it flow.” Pick your favorite patterned item and pull colors from it to create your ideal fit. Polkadots and leopard prints are introductory color palettes that go with (almost) any outfit. I love mixing dots, lines, florals, and stripes because “Why not?” Life is about living, and if the only risk is an out-of-the-box outfit? I’ll take it! (*insert picture). Style is not just fashion; it’s a form of expression that doesn’t have to make sense to any but the person wearing it. Style is the essence of your inner being and creativity expressed through intentional design.

Photos: Be Manning, photos.bybe on IG

A special shout out to Memphis’ own Ali Manning for the guest blog post. You’ve got the outfit inspiration, now it’s time to grab your tickets! Click the link to attend the tournament. We’ll see you on Wednesday, August 10th for the Soul in One Celebration! Packed with food, music, fashion, and more, this is an event you don’t want to miss. Click the link!

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