Free Things to Do in Memphis!

Memphis, Tennessee, is a city renowned for its rich musical heritage, mouthwatering barbecue, and vibrant cultural scene. But did you know that you can have an amazing time in Memphis without breaking the bank? From historic landmarks to outdoor adventures, there are plenty of free activities to enjoy in this lively city. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best free things to do in Memphis, allowing you to make the most of your visit while keeping your wallet happy.

Walk Down Beale Street

Beale Street is synonymous with Memphis’s soulful music culture. Take a leisurely stroll along this iconic street, known as the “Home of the Blues,” and soak up the electrifying atmosphere. Listen to live street performances, step into legendary music venues like B.B. King’s Blues Club, and witness the authentic spirit that has shaped Memphis’s musical legacy.

Experience the Mississippi Riverfront

The mighty Mississippi River holds significant historical and cultural importance for Memphis. Head to the Mississippi Riverfront, a revitalized area that offers stunning views and various recreational activities. Take a peaceful riverside walk, enjoy a picnic in Tom Lee Park, or simply relax and watch the riverboats glide by. Don’t forget to head to Mud Island and snap a photo at the iconic “Memphis” sign that overlooks the river! There’s also a free yoga event happening in River Garden Park with Yoga Kickback every Tuesday–click here to learn more!

Discover Overton Park

Escape to the green oasis of Overton Park, a 342-acre urban park that offers a multitude of free activities. Explore the Old Forest State Natural Area, one of the last remaining old-growth forests in Tennessee. Take a leisurely walk through the trails, have a picnic in the open meadows, or visit the Overton Park Shell, an outdoor amphitheater that hosts free concerts throughout the year.

Find a Farmers’ Market!

Whether you’re a seasoned chef looking for inspiration or simply enjoy supporting local businesses, exploring the farmers’ markets in Memphis is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the city’s food culture, indulge in flavorful delights, and support the community’s agricultural heritage. Check out the one in the Cooper-Young Neighborhood, Downtown, or even at the Agricenter. They’re free to visit, but chances are you’re going to want to take some delicious produce and fresh flowers home for yourself. So grab a reusable tote bag and get ready to discover the vibrant flavors and warm hospitality that the Memphis farmers markets have to offer!

Memphis is a city that embraces its cultural heritage and offers a plethora of free activities for everyone to enjoy. From immersing yourself in the soulful sounds of Beale Street to exploring the city’s historical landmarks and basking in the beauty of its parks and gardens, there’s no shortage of free experiences that will leave a lasting impression. So, pack your sense of adventure and get ready to create unforgettable memories while discovering the best of Memphis on a budget!

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