Thrillist said Memphis is One of the Coolest Places Around the World!

The website Thrillist is constantly looking for new and exciting places to visit, foods to try and destinations to discover. Recently the website released an article about the 15 coolest places around the world to visit in August. Memphis just happened to make the list. Here are a handful of reasons why Thrillist decided to name Memphis in a group that included everything from Palm Springs and Barbados to Costa Smeralda and Budapest.

All of the Festivals

With the bicentennial for the city of Memphis happening throughout 2019, Thrillist noted that festivals and activities are taking place over the course of the whole year. It highlighted the different food festivals, as well as the upcoming Delta Fair. Of course, Thrillist made sure to point out the pig races and carnival rides at the Delta Fair. If you’re around Memphis beginning Aug. 30 through Sept. 8, be sure to come out to the fair.

Can’t make it to Memphis by year’s end? There’s nothing to worry about. Memphis festivals don’t stop after the bicentennial celebration has come and gone. In May, Beale Street Music Festival is one of the city’s most popular events. The festival is a three-day outdoor concert extravaganza with past headliners such as Dave Matthews Band, Post Malone, Ed Sheeran, Paul Simon and The Killers.

Foodies are big fans of Memphis because of the year-round fests celebrating local eats. Highlights include April’s Southern Hot Wing Festival and Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival, June’s Craft Food and Wine Festival and October’s Memphis Food and Wine Festival.


For music fans, taking in Graceland is a must. Beyond just visiting Graceland, though, Thrillist also mentioned Elvis Week. While Elvis Week has already come and gone (it started on Aug. 9 and went through Aug. 17) you can plan for the week next year.

Graceland is more than just a former home of Elvis. It’s a fun experience for both the avid Elvis follower and the casual fan. Standard tours of the house include a peek inside the King’s famed home, with recent renovations done to recreate rooms to look the same as they did in 1977. On the Graceland property, you can also find the Presley Motors Automobile Museum — a place for visitors to check out some of the singer’s favorite cars. At the Elvis Discovery Exhibits, you’ll see featured artifacts from different eras of his career.

When Elvis Week comes to Memphis, highlights of the event include live musical impersonators, a 5K charity run, tribute artist competitions and expert panel discussions.

Don’t Forget Beale Street

Beale Street is one of the most famous streets in the country. There’s always something going on here, and during the Memphis bicentennial, even more is taking place than normal. If you’re visiting, you absolutely need to stop by and take in this world-class location for bars, clubs and live music.

Some of the Top World Destinations

Many of the destinations on the list for the top 15 coolest places around the world to visit in August were international (although it did have a handful of other spots in the United States). These locations include Edinburgh, Scotland; Kazakhstan; Argentina; Queensland, Australia; Cotswolds, United Kingdom; Budapest, Hungary; Costa Smeralda, Sardinia; and Barbados and Anguilla.

Many of these destinations share the same amazing traits as Memphis: incredible nightlife, fun festivals, delectable cuisine and parties that last all through the night.

Other U.S. Destinations

Thrillist did include a handful of other places in the United States as top travel destinations in the month of August. The cities are spread out throughout the country, but the list includes the Catskills, New York; Boston; Reno, Nevada; Traverse City, Michigan; the coast of Maine; and Palm Springs, California.

Memphis has the distinction of being the only southern city in the United States to be included as a top pick by Thrillist.

Discover the City of Memphis for Yourself

If you live in Memphis, you already know why it’s a top travel destination (and why Thrillist fell in love with it). If you’re considering a move or a visit, these are only a handful of the reasons why you need to check the city out.

Memphis is one of a kind and has so much to recommend it. So whether you have a few days to visit or are thinking about a permanent move, now is the perfect time to see all that Memphis has to offer. With perfect year-round weather and a jam-packed event schedule, any time is truly the perfect time to come to Memphis.

Source: Thrillist Article

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