Soul is with Tyler Berreta

Have you spotted our new billboards? They feature real Memphians who are bringing their souls to what they love every day.

Among these Memphians is Tyler Berreta, as seen on the “Soul is Heart” billboard.

“With “Soul is Heart”, I find it to be so fitting for me personally. I’ve always been one to wear my heart on my sleeve and I pour it out into most aspects of my life,” Tyler says. “Working for the largest cardiovascular research and healthcare group in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi, I’ve developed a keen understanding of the heart’s vitality and nature to the human body, as well as the mind. I see it as both a physical and spiritual beacon of strength. Stern Cardiovascular has opened my eyes to just how expansive the heart can be, and I effortlessly bleed that concept into my music. Playing for Everdeens, I’ve found a family within my bandmates, friends within the entire music and service community, and an unhinged drive for pouring my heart into our music. Luckily, on any given day I could leave Stern and rush to a gig with a smile on my face, knowing I’m putting my heart and soul into both.”

A true embodiment of what it means to have soulfulness and heart for a city, Tyler is passionate about his job as a healthcare worker here in Memphis. “When you love what you do, when you’re passionate about your job or your hobby, it doesn’t really feel like a job or hobby. I love to help people.”

We want to hear from you next. What does soul mean to you? Tell us @wearememphistn and don’t forget to #BringYourSoul!

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