Staying Fit During the Holidays Memphis

Memphis is well known for many things, but there’s one thing that is every Memphians’ kryptonite: food.

From Circle B’s smoked sausages to wings from Ching’s, the tangy and smokey air in the city is usually the fault of kitchens across the city working overtime to feed hungry residents. 

Memphis’ food is full of soul – and carbs. As the holidays creep up on us, so will the calories and extra pound we’re all dreading this season. While many of us plan to watch Netflix in our sweatpants and taste testing all the prepared food, knowing where to get healthy food options or where to sneak in on a fitness class can make this holiday season all the kinder to our waistlines.

Healthy Food Options:

Go ahead and indulge in your mother’s dressing and your dad’s famous fried turkey. A plate…or five…won’t throw you off your game. But if you’ll be in town for a while, you may not want to eat the leftover yams every day of your trip.

Instead, visit one of Electrolyfe Juice Bar’s locations (4466 Elvis Presley Blvd or 3724 S. Mendenhall Rd.). Not only do they offer an array of healthy juices that can combat the fat and weather changes, but they offer a slew of healthy entrees. A crowd favorite: the salmon wrap and Honey Love juice with a shot of wheatgrass. It’s not only filling, but delicious. Full of Memphis’ soul with fewer calories.

If you’ll be helping out with the cooking this year, consider shopping at Fresh Market for your grocery needs. They have a range of options from gluten-free breads and snacks to fresh produce and deals on premium meats. The pre-glazed honey ham is already cut and spiraled and will win over your family this year, and the organic turkey is full of flavor without the antibodies. They have two convenient locations: Midtown and East Memphis – White Station Road.

Some other places to give a try:

Next Door – try the Beyond or the Impossible burger.

Holiday Bootcamps and trainers:

A good workout before or after your holiday feast can make the carbs worth it. Individual trainers will be offering their boot camp deals across the Mid-South this holiday season. They know people will want to binge out on dressing and Netflix and will need a fitness check before the new year.

Start with one of Memphis Fitness Kickboxing locations – Midtown, East Memphis or Bartlett. These 45-minute classes go by quickly and can easily fit into your fall and Christmas break schedule. Just bring your water and a towel because you’ll be sure to sweat every ounce of your mom’s sweet potato pie.

If you’re looking for more low-impact training, look into Any Body Yoga located in the Chickasaw Shopping Center or Your Inner Yogi in Downtown Memphis. Some of the best yoga instructors facilitate at these locations including Yolanda Clark and Kandace Stewart. Even if you’re not a yogi, the instructors are really compassionate and always assisting with helping you find your right flow.

If you’re looking for more individual or one-on-one workout classes, consider a trainer.  Ambishun Fitness is located on 399 Cumberland Street where trainer, Ricky, is offering training deals for new clients. Trainer and gym owner, Sherika of Sherika Fitness, teaches a packed and high-energy class in the Hickory Ridge Mall with early classes to kick-start your day.

Other classes to consider:

You can avoid the holiday pounds by incorporating a few of these options into your time away from work and school. No need to fall victim to the cabin fever and chilly weather. Tell us how you avoid the holiday calories and what fun and healthy activities you add to your holiday to-do list.

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