Spreading his musical talents

J. Buck has been sharing his musical talents with the city of Memphis since early 2010s. However, while he continued to work and discover his own talents for years, he didn’t enter the recording studio until 2015. He recorded his debut album at this time, putting together a seven track release titled “The J. Buck Experience”. The following year, he recorded a single and released the track titled “Love Me Back.” He recorded this as an independent recording as a funk and R&B single (you can find all of his music on iTunes as well as Spotify, if you’re interested in listening to more of his music).

Later in 2016 J. Buck put together his longest musical effort to date, with the 11 track album “Love Matters.” This album includes a number of popular local tracks, including the single he released earlier in the year “Love Me Back.” This album represents the continued development of his musical talents and style. It also merges a number of traditional Memphis genres, including funk, soul and R&B.

Check out his latest performances

There are a number of ways you can stay up to date on the latest performances put on by J. Buck. First you can head over to his website and visit the “Shows” page. Here you’ll see the latest information regarding scheduled performances. You can also opt to stay up to date on the latest information from J. Buck by signing up for the email mailing list.

Some of the best ways to receive the latest tidbits from the performer is to follow him on his multiple social media accounts. YouTube is a good way to check out music videos and live performance feeds. Of course, you should also consider following his Instagram feed for pictures from within the studio. You can also follow his Twitter and Facebook accounts if you want to see last minute postings about shows that might have sprung up before it could be listed on his website.

Book J. Buck

If you’ve checked out his music, either through his website, have purchased an album, or have watched his online videos and are interested in booking him, feel free to reach out. You can contact him through his website or through his Facebook page with any questions you might have regarding live bookings or if you are ready to reserve the talented local musician.

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