Meet Memphian Jonathan Mosley!  They say Memphis is the perfect mix of business and pleasure.  On Beale Street, we see the flashing neon of nightlife.  Ten feet away from Beale, office buildings and apartments dominate the high rises.  Everywhere you go downtown, you see a little bit of party with a little bit of professional.  You could say that Jonathan is kind of the same way.  Event coordinator at the Downtown Memphis Commission by day, actor by night.   If there’s anything we know about our city and our people, it’s that we know how to fill out our different roles.

The Downtown Memphis Commission is an organization that works to advance the downtown area.  DMC aims to make Downtown Memphis a better place to “work, live, learn, invest, and visit.”  So, in a way, Jonathan’s place of work is part of the reason we see such a diverse mix of companies in the area.  He loves being able to showcase the culture and diversity of his city.

But enough about his day job, Jonathan’s passions are acting and working with people.  He started acting right here in Memphis at the Hattiloo Theatre.  His first role was as Dr. MLK Jr., which is a pretty big honor.  Thinking about where we have come from as a city gives Jonathan the motivation to move forward.  Knowing where we came from gives us the knowledge to be soulful in everything that you do.  To Jonathan, bringing your soul means to “come as you are, bear it all, and leave no regrets.  We are the soul.”  So get out there and bring it!

Stay caught up with Jonathan Mosley and everything he has coming for us!


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