Fly High, Memphis!: DWS Drone School Courses

If you’ve been anywhere on social media, you know that drones are quickly becoming our favorite way to capture video. From stellar photos on Instagram and b-roll in our favorite shows to advancements in construction and even agriculture, drone tech has made its way into so many parts of our day-to-day life! 

Have you thought about getting into the biz? DWS Drone School, Inc. is here to help! Drone Workforce Solutions, a global drone and virtual reality employment and staffing company, is dedicated to helping small, unmanned aircraft pilots and everyday businesses work together to find innovative solutions. DWS offers customized workshops to all kinds of businesses; from utility companies to real estate companies and now they’re looking to empower Memphians to become future drone pilots!

They’re located at the Agricenter at 7777 Walnut Grove and have been approved by the state’s Higher Education Commission to provide drone pilot training. They’re kicking off their curriculum with three courses on drone training, virtual reality, and even agriculture and forestry. Students who sign on to the drone training course, for example, will learn everything from flying mechanics and aviation safety to all of the aeronautical info needed to become certified and licensed commercial drone pilots. The course also teaches students how to create their own drone businesses, editing, and provides hands-on in-field flight coaching. 

“Our students will receive a top-notch education in drone technology that will help them seize job opportunities in this $100 billion dollar industry,” said DWS President, CEO and General Counsel, Theophilus R. Nix Jr. Jobs. “We intend to start a Tennessee pipeline of talented commercial drone and virtual reality operators to expand these technology sectors and increase sustainable employment for men and women from diverse backgrounds.”

You’ve probably heard how Memphis is one of the best places for entrepreneurship and that our city is an epicenter of culture, business, tech, and so much more. Organizations like DWS are getting Memphians prepared to be a part of the next big developmental wave for many different industries. According to one study, DWS reports, the expansion of commercial drones could add $82 billion in economic value over the next ten years and by 2025 employ an additional 100,000 Americans. With businesses dealing in everything from construction companies and agriculture to law enforcement, media, utilities, infrastructure, cell towers, entertainment, and real estate many industries smartly identifying drones as a key investment to make their operations more efficient and effective, commercial drones are well on the way to being a great addition to our local and national economy.

Want to learn more about DWS and becoming a drone pilot? Be sure to check them out at!

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