3 Organizations that Connect Young Professionals in Memphis

Memphis young professionals: Congratulations! Those four (sometimes six) years of hard work paid off; you’re a newly minted-college graduate about to take a month off before starting your first-ever full-time role. Now what? Or say you get that dream gig you’ve been vying for: Account Executive for the Redbirds, Public Relations for FedEx, or even gaining admission to one of the University of Memphis’s nationally renowned graduate programs. Congrats again! But, this means moving to an area where you know nobody. Again, now what?

Luckily, Memphis has a slew of opportunities for young professionals – both creative and non – to network and strengthen their image in the city’s growing professional landscape. While we aren’t going to cover every wonderful group out there, here are a few of the coolest opportunities available. And whether you’re new in town or just looking to branch out and meet people, all are welcome here.

Creative Works

The mission of Creative Works is to empower Memphis-based creatives to strengthen the creative community. If you haven’t been to their annual design conference, you’re missing out on building relationships with attendees and presenters are from all over the world. Check out their Instgram or website for more details.

The Link Up

If you’re a young professional, Milton Howery III’s Link Up event series needs to be on your radar. Since 2017, this networking event has brought together professionals across a variety of industries and built some great connections. What better way to boost your career, meet new Memphians in your industry, while also checking out some of the newest and greatest venues in the city?

New Memphis Programming

If career advancement and community are what you’re looking for, New Memphis has got you covered! They’ve got a variety of programs for young professionals either just starting their careers or those who have been in the game for a little bit longer. Click here to learn about what they’ve got going on!

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