You have plenty of things to do in Memphis. This city of more than 652,000 (making it the 25th largest in the United States!) is home to lots of attractions that can appeal to every appetite. Speaking of appetite, some of the best barbecue on earth is smoked and served right in Memphis. It is also the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll, with the famous Sun Records Studio located at 706 Union Street, where Elvis Presley began his journey to become the King of Rock.

With so many things to do in Memphis, trying to learn everything you can to plan that perfect vacation can be overwhelming. There are things you can do that will make this task lest daunting and help you make the most of your time.

Visit the Memphis Local Library

The Memphis Public Library is a library system of 18 branches with a circulation of 250,000 items, including books, maps and reference guides. It is the place to go for information about the city and learn all you can about things to do in Memphis. The library offers a tour of the wonderful, rich history of this river city. This tour can be the perfect starting point for learning and becoming familiar with the different parts of the city.

Take One of the Many Memphis Tours

Yes, tours of Memphis are designed more for tourists than locals. But if you’re new to the city, you won’t know much of the information these tours are providing. Going on varying tours will help educate you on important locations and activities in the city. From historic walking tours and ghost tours to food tours, taking a tour is a great way to spend a Saturday as you’ll learn something new about Memphis.

Stop by the Delta Fair & Music Festival

There are other great festivals in Memphis taking place throughout the year, but this just happens to be one of the bigger events in Memphis. Yes, many of the attractions will be taken down after the fair. However, the main benefit is all the food trucks and shops. Most of these are locally owned, which makes it easier to sample an array of food options. Tasting the different food and beverage selections at the festivals will help you discover which restaurants to visit later. is a website that connects individuals with similar interests in the same city. So whether you’re looking to join a book club, take dancing lessons, photograph the natural surroundings or connect with other people who like the Grateful Dead, there is a group for you. This will not only introduce you to new locations throughout the city, but it will help connect you with like-minded people. is a free website to use, but you will need to create an account with the site.

Visiting Memphis Travel and the “I Love Memphis” blog

A way to learn about the many different things that you can do in Memphis is by visiting the website Memphis Travel. Memphis Travel is a comprehensive, one-stop shop portal that provides information about different aspects of the city that you may wish to explore. It is laid out in a fun and easy to navigate format, giving information about hotels in the city, different events and happenings around town, and the attractions that make Memphis one of the great U.S. cities.

The “I Love Memphis” blog is another information source that can help you get to know what things you can do when in Memphis. It is written in a no-apology bias toward the city (in a good way!) and catalogs the food, people, music, and places to see in Memphis. It provides a calendar of events and things to do and is an up-to-date guide on and about the things that make the city uniquely Memphis. Use it as a primary source in educating yourself about the best way to take advantage of your trip to Memphis and maximize your time to create a truly memorable experience.Take a Guided Tour of Memphis

One of the best ways to learn a city is to immerse yourself completely in its culture, the sights and its sound. You can do this by scheduling a guided tour of the city. A tour, whether on foot, by boat or in a bus, takes you to the different places of interest that make a visit to Memphis special. Your tour should include hot spots for dining and entertainment, historical sites and, of course, a visit to Elvis Presley’s home Graceland. Any way you go, it is another way to get to know Memphis, up-close and personal.

Use these resources as your best way to learn Memphis. You can also talk with locals to find out their favorite spots as well as the events and activities that are happening in the city. Learn what you can about Memphis and take that knowledge for a ride in the city of great food, great music and great people!

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