Your dog’s staring at you. He’s worried. It’s your constant need for affection, the 20-plus-minute walks twice a day that you demand he take you on, and all those bubble baths. It’s getting to be a bit much. Trust us, steering your attention away from him and focused on something—anything—else is exactly what Sparky needs right now. 

To be fair, we’re all a little on edge these days. But rather than stressing out your most loyal companion, not to mention family members you’ve been cooped up with, it’s time to find new ways to pass the time and stay productive. And yes, the team here at We Are Memphis took its own advice. The result: an online music video channel dedicated specifically to Memphis music. For the people of Memphis, by the people of Memphis.

Here are nine music videos on the recently launched We Are Memphis Music that you should definitely jam out to!

KIRBY: Don’t Leave Your Girl

The Memphis-born musician has already made a name for herself working on “Die With You” for Beyoncé, “Only One” for Kanye West and Paul McCartney, and “Break Your Heart Right Back” for Ariana Grande. On her own single, she tells her lover that she’s not the type to break up a relationship. The track was executive produced by Homer Steinweiss, produced by Thrice Cooked Media, and filmed by David Karp & Courtney Loo.


On the follow-up to her Billboard Magazine Top 15 hit song, “Lois Lane,” the singer and songwriter, born and raised in the Westwood area of South Memphis, continues to prove why she’s considered today’s contemporary urban/R&B “it girl.” The track was produced by Made in Memphis Entertainment.

BARTHOLOMEW JONES: Real Love ft. Milan Credle

Milan Credle teamed up with rising Memphis artist Bartholomew Jones to create the new single. On the track, the two artists “tackle the idea of loyalty and facing rejection because of standing out in the inner city environments they come from.” 

NICK BLACK: Grenadine

Often compared to Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars, the Memphis pop/soul singer is known for his live shows and his love-filled tunes. On Grenadine, produced by James Bennett, Nick collaborated with Memphis-based Tori WhoDat. The track is about the sweetness in a relationship gone bad. 


Named after Southern Avenue which runs east/west from Soulville, this Memphis-bred band continues to combine blues, soul, and R&B on the track produced by Milo Daemgen. The video was filmed by Matt Bell. 

JORDAN OCCASIONALLY: Coffee (I’m Addicted)

Love and compassion are the order of the day for Jordan. In his own words “I just wanted to create a queer love story that wasn’t doused in tragedy. I think what the LGBTQ community wants, especially the black LGBTQ+ community, is compassion, love, and representation. I think we deserve it! And since I don’t see it often, I decided to create it.”

STEPHEN CHOPEK: Cherokee Arms 

Having lived in Memphis for six years, the New Jersey transplant decided to write and produce the track about living in Midtown. “Cherokee Arms is an apartment building on Madison Avenue that looks how Midtown Memphis feels to me: rough around the edges with strong character, understated with a solid presence, attitude with class.” 


Having been in the game for over 13 years, the Memphis-based songwriter decided to bare her soul on the track produced by Breezy Lucia. “To me, Work to Do is a particularly mature song. Even as you say you’ve got work to do, there seems to be an understanding there that suggests a more nuanced emotion than you get in most pop songs.” 

DAZ RINKO: Broke Lawrence 

Known for adding his Southern twang to every song, this artist continually draws inspiration from Memphis and the music he grew up with. In this video, “he tackles money trouble, the plight of being a young black man in America, validation, social climate, and mental health all in a minute and a half.” The video is directed by Daz Rinko, McKenzii Webster, and 35Miles. 

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