Hello, this is an intervention. Your parents, neighbors, friends, and coworkers—we’re all worried. Ever since social distancing started, you’re kinda all over the place. You wake up in the middle of the night debating whether tomorrow is the day you use all your newly freed up time to start writing your first screenplay, or if you’d be better off firing up GarageBand to record your masterpiece debut album. Understandably, it’s an important and difficult decision. But instead, you wait till sunrise, get up, clean out your doomsday pantry, and spend the rest of the day sitting at home panicking. 

The near-constant stream of news reports about the outbreak can make anyone feel anxious or distressed. But hey, Shakespeare wrote King Lear as theaters were being boarded up due to the plague, which sets a very high bar for all us healthy individuals sitting alone all day working from home.

Here are five tips for how you can remain productive and happy while remaining at least 6 feet from others attempting to do the same thing. #SocialDistancing

  1. Create a Routine and WFH Station: Setting aside a place in your home from where you’ll exclusively work, and committing to consistently working from this space is key to remaining productive. “Set an alarm and have a consistent morning habit or ritual,” says Chelsea Rivera, head of content of Honest Paws. “Even put makeup on or fix your hair if you like. Anything that gives you the sense that you are not home in your PJs.” The Mayo Clinic has a guide to setting up an ergonomic workstation
  2. Stay Connected: Buffer’s 2018 State of Remote Work report reveals that the biggest struggle remote workers experience is loneliness. Remember you’re not alone, you still have your BFF at work. Remember the coffee runs, coordinated bathroom and smoke breaks, well, Sally down in payroll is still available for a quick chat. The best part, she’s just as excited to hear from you as you would be to hear from her. Gallup research shows that one of the biggest drivers of workplace engagement is having a best friend at work. We’re certainly not recommending ignoring social distancing guidelines, we just don’t want you to forget what messaging, e-mail, social media, video calls, and telephones are there for. 
  3. Learn New Skills: Forget Netflix and Chill… Considering how much Netflix and other streaming platforms are vying for our attention. With daily emails and push notifications reminding us to catch the remastered episodes of Golden Girls, we should all take note of their work ethic and instead of rushing for Cheesecake, we should look into learning new skills. Here are some tips on how to learn new skills fast. After you’ve mastered these, check out these 450 free Ivy League online classes
  4. Exercise: You know the saying: “A little goes a long way.” It doesn’t take fancy equipment—or any equipment—to exercise at home. Just remember small steps. Buy a few key pieces of equipment that you think you’ll use the most, like a yoga mat, kettlebells, and free weights. The World Health Organization reminds us that during times of stress, to exercise regularly, keep regular sleep routines and eat healthy food. For workout from home ideas, check out these 4 proven plans to get you in shape without leaving your home. 
  5. Prepare: At the end of the day, it’s all about balance. You want to stay focused while making time to remain connected, and none of this will be possible without due diligence and preparation. As Confucius said: “Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation, there is sure to be failure.”

Did we miss any pro-tips on staying safe and sane at home? Let us know!

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