Art for All on the Road! Your Guide to the MATA Arts & Culture Bus Route Map

Ready to explore Memphis’ arts and culture community? MATA has got you covered with their MATA Arts & Culture Bus Route Map! Created in collaboration with the Shelby County Government, this map serves as a guide to exploring visual and performing arts plus cultural organizations in Memphis and Shelby County—all conveniently accessible via MATA buses and trolleys.

Navigating the Map: A Gateway to Arts and Culture

The interactive map is a treasure trove of artistic delights, featuring a comprehensive list of visual arts, performing arts venues, and cultural landmarks that MATA serves. You can explore the city’s cultural gems, plan your trips, and embark on an adventure that is all about discovering the arts and culture in our city!

Visual Arts Galore

Memphis’ visual arts community is unlike any other and the MATA Arts & Culture Map is your guide to discovering local art galleries, studios, and public art installations. From contemporary masterpieces to grassroots art spaces, the map ensures that every corner of the city is a canvas waiting to be explored!

Performing Arts Extravaganza

For lovers of the performing arts, the map features all of the theaters, music venues, and dance studios accessible by MATA services. Catch a live performance, attend a play, or listen to some of the best of Memphis’ music scene—all while enjoying the convenience of public transportation.

Cultural Landmarks and Museums

Immerse yourself in the city’s history and heritage by visiting cultural landmarks and museums served by MATA routes. From the iconic National Civil Rights Museum to Historic Clayborn Temple, and more cultural institutions, the map leads you on a cultural journey that enriches your understanding of Memphis’s past and present.

Planning Your Cultural Excursion

Before embarking on your cultural adventure, it’s essential to plan your trip on the MATA bus or trolley. The user-friendly map provides information on routes, schedules, and stops, ensuring a seamless and stress-free journey to your chosen destination. With MATA as your cultural companion, you can focus on savoring the artistic experiences that Memphis has to offer. Here are some tips for planning your journey!

Plan Your Trip

  • Visit or use the Trip Planner on the homepage for trip planning.
  • Access schedules and route information on the website or by calling 901.274.MATA (6282).

Get There Early

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes early to your bus or trolley stop.
  • Stay visible by the curb as the vehicle approaches.

Receive Real-Time Alerts

  • Register for the Omnilert messaging service at for service alerts via email, text, or voice calls.

Have Your Fare Ready

  • Check the current fare structure at
  • Payment options:
    • Exact change (no pennies or foreign currency).
    • FastPasses for discounted, pre-paid unlimited rides.
    • Use the GO901 mobile app for ticket purchases and account management.
    • GO901 Smart Card for reusable and reloadable fare.

Shared Experiences with Family and Friends

The MATA Arts & Culture Map is not just a guide; it’s also a way to share your experience with family and friends! Whether you’re attending a performance, exploring a museum, or discovering public art together, MATA facilitates communal engagement with the arts. Create lasting memories as you traverse the city’s cultural landscape all thanks to our city’s public transportation!

Now that you know all about the map, click here to visit the Shelby County Art Hub, download the map, and start your journey! 

Arts & Culture is one of Shelby County’s greatest assets. Our community is home to dozens of arts and culture organizations that are at the heart of creative and cultural experiences. Arts & Culture unites and inspires us across streets, neighborhoods, and the community. Find art and culture everywhere across Shelby County. All for art and art for all!

For More Information, visit!


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