Memphis is a mecca for young movers, shakers, innovators and entrepreneurs. That said, entrepreneurship can be a long and lonely road, which is why it’s important to be surrounded by like-minded people. Finding entrepreneurial groups in Memphis can aid you in growing your business by way of networking, events, seminars and other opportunities to meet peers and mentors in your line of work.

Consider joining these local Memphis groups for entrepreneurs eager to meet each other and facilitate business growth:

  • The Greater Memphis Chamber: The Greater Memphis Chamber offers its members access to over 7,500 business professionals and 2,000 businesses. Through Soundcheck, the Chamber’s young professionals council, individuals can gain access to top business leaders and exclusive information about new initiatives and development happening right here in Memphis.
  • Undercurrent: A great resource for young business professionals and entrepreneurs, Undercurrent hosts events across Memphis and invites young professionals to RSVP for a fun (and free!) night of networking. Undercurrent offers a casual, exciting and social approach to linking young professionals with one another.
  • Memphis Young Professionals Network: If you’re a real estate professional, Memphis Young Professionals Network is the right group for you. The organization creates mentoring and networking events in a field where young professionals are outnumbered 2 to 1 by peers who are 40-plus years of age.
  • The Latino Memphis Young Professional Fellows: Young Hispanic/Latino entrepreneurs in Memphis may find it hard to find each other, and that’s where the Latino Memphis Young Professional Fellows organization comes in. Being Latino is not a prerequisite for attending or participating.
  • Memphis Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA): Marketing and public relations professionals may be interested in joining the Memphis chapter of PRSA, which provides monthly networking and educational luncheons along with a host of other events, resources and presentations for its members. Young entrepreneurs are offered discounted rates.
  • Memphis Urban League of Young Professionals (MULYP): This organization is one of the largest networks in the Memphis area for young entrepreneurs and professionals in various fields. Opportunities include volunteer and philanthropy-based events, business collaborations, networking, educational seminars and much more. MULYP’s goal is to assist young professionals in creating positive community change in Memphis.

Creating a new business in Memphis is just the first step, as 80 percent of small and start-up businesses fail within their first four years. By joining one of the groups outlined above, you can improve your odds of success, keep your spirits high and learn from others around you with the same entrepreneurial mindset.

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