$1 Billion in New Renovations for FedEx

Memphis is growing—and one of the most exciting upcoming projects will be coming to the Memphis International Airport. A $1 billion renovation of the FedEx Super Hub has just begun, starting in March 2019 and finishing in 2025. This is only one of the major renovations going on around Memphis International.

Image source: Fedex.com

The largest employer in Memphis is getting even bigger

FedEx is the largest private employer in Memphis, as well as the largest tenant of the Memphis International Airport. Its current Super Hub is undergoing modernization and expansion, with the goal of increasing capacity and preparing for upcoming growth.

Memphis International Airport is already home to the second-largest air cargo facility in the world—and this will further secure its positioning as a major hub. To keep up with demands across the globe, FedEx will be investing in new technology, which it can leverage to reduce the costs of its operations.

The new Super Hub project has already begun

FedEx’s Super Hub development broke ground in March 2019 and is expected to continue through 2025. This is despite the fact that FedEx has been cutting its costs in other areas of the globe. The Super Hub will be a technologically advanced facility, providing upgrades and expansion that will be necessary for the business to continue to expand. While it’s a gamble, FedEx is confident in its transportation capabilities in the area.

Just a small part of upcoming Memphis growth and development

While this project is large, it only represents a very small amount of the upcoming growth in Memphis. There are dozens of new projects slated for development in Memphis, a city that is growing dramatically within the next few years.

Memphis is currently seen as an area that is packed with potential. One of the top cities for millennials, yet an area that has not experienced significant growth in the past, the city is poised for rapid expansion.

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