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Five of Our Favorite Memphis Food Trucks

Just a few years ago, food trucks were derided by some as a passing fad, a trend that would soon go the way of the once-trendy cereal cafe. Thankfully, those takes now look colder than, well, cereal. Today, it’s clear that food trucks are not only here to stay, but are often just as beloved as many brick-and-mortar restaurants. As one of America’s culinary capitals, it should come as no surprise that Memphis is blessed with a seemingly endless array of delicious options. After much hand-wringing and debate, here are five of our favorite local food trucks that you should check out ASAP.


Celebrating Juneteenth: Miles Thomas – Black Boy Joy 

By: Kirstin Cheers  Miles Thomas always knew there was something special about him. A creative, he admires the genius of Kanye West and Chance The Rapper, but not just for their lyrics and production, but their involvement in multiple venues.   After transferring back home to Memphis from Belmont, Miles knew he had some work to […]


Keeping It Real with Producer Real Red 

By Brianna Smith-Herman  Memphis’ music scene leads to more than a handful of hidden gems! The city’s youngest and brightest talents are actively developing their own distinct takes on what the Memphis hip-hop/rap scene can be… and let’s just say we are going fed! The born-and-raised Memphian RealRed — given name: Jorres Nelson –is building […]