St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital recognized as a top pediatric cancer hospital, nonprofit brand

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital recently received two separate, national-level accolades for its health care and nonprofit services.

On June 1, U.S. News and World Report identified St. Jude as the second-best pediatric cancer care hospital in the country; and then on June 17, Morning Consult ranked St. Jude as the most trusted nonprofit in the U.S.

Pediatric cancer care rating
“As we strive each day to advance the research and treatment of childhood cancer, recognitions such as these honor the exceptional work of our employees, from clinicians and allied health professionals to the environmental services team,” Dr. James Downing, president and CEO of St. Jude said in a press release on the recognition from U.S. News.

The U.S. News rankings are generated with clinical data the publication gathers through a survey to measure metrics like five-year survival for leukemia-related cancers, survival following bone marrow transplants, cellular transplant (FACT) accreditation and infection prevention, patient safety, and adequacy of nursing staffing.

A part of the score is also derived from their annual survey of pediatric specialists, where U.S. News asks over 15,000 pediatric specialists and subspecialists where they would send the sickest children in their specialty.

St. Jude ranked second out of a list of 284 hospitals, scoring 98.4 out of 100.

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