Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou, or simply Rev. Sekou for short, has been around the Memphis scene for some time now. However, he’s done far more than just music. Known throughout the region as an activist, author, filmmaker and theologian, Rev. Sekou has been part of Memphis and the south for nearly all his life. As an individual who seeks to inject meaning into everything he does, the next time you see Rev. Sekou perform make sure to closely pay attention to his lyrics. What he says in his songs are directly from the heart and designed for maximum impact on his audience. 

Diving deeper into the life of Rev. Sekou

Rev. Sekou has been featured by countless publications, ranging from Vice to NPR (and dozens in between). He is a man of many talents, and because of that he is a fascinating individual to the national (and international) media. 

He was born in St. Louis, Missouri and later spent his childhood in the rural Arkansas Delta. During this time, he spent much of his youth in southern churches, surrounded by blues music. In fact, he has taken both pillars of his childhood and combined it into his performances on the steel guitar. 

Although he spent much of his life to this date as a reverend and theologian, he has aided his outreach method with music. In some ways he found his music could often stretch further than his sermons, so he released his first album “The Revolution Has Come.” This album featured an important single, titled “We Comin”, which became a staple song used by the Civil Rights movement. He also put together “In Times Like These,” which was produced by the Grammy nominated group North Mississippi Allstars. 

His latest album is titled “When We Fight We Win.” This is a live performance which was recorded right here in Memphis. Whether you were there at the show or not, this is a piece of Memphis history well worth your time. 

Rev. Sekou

Photo: YouTube

Beyond music

While he continues his work as a musician, Rev. Sekou has also written and published a number of books. These titles include “Urbansouls: Meditations on Youth, Hip Hop, and Religion,” as well as “Gods, Gays, and Guns: Essays on Religion and the Future of Democracy.” Since releasing these books Chalice Press has signed him on to print five additional, new titles. 


Rev. Sekou is a music-see entertainer and mentor. If you’re looking for music that uplifts the mind and body, few in the United States (let alone Memphis) has the gifts to do so as Rev. Sekou. When looking into his upcoming tour schedule it is important to separate the different tour dates. If you want to see him perform musically make sure to select the “Musician” option. You can also search for upcoming tour dates based on his books (where he often provides talks with his book and signs copies), and he provides theologian talks and presentations as well. 

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