As the gateway between the north and the south, Memphis is home to a melting pot of styles and ideas. Here you’ll find rap influenced by New York, soul music influenced by Motown, and blues based off of a Chicago sound plus all kinds of country, rock and jazz. With Liz Brasher, she pulls from classic southern rock and bleeds her own personal style into the music.

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Liz growing up 

Liz Brasher is a southern country girl at heart. She grew up in rural North Carolina where she spent most of her childhood. However, hailing from a multi-cultural background of both Italian and Dominican, she fused classical Caribbean and South American music with her Southern Baptist hymn upbringing. This mixture of Caribbean Spanish and Southern Christian music has given her a song that is both familiar and completely different, all at the same time.

As a teenager she eventually moved to Chicago. This introduced her to music from north of the Mason-Dixon line, which she had never been to prior to college. After taking from the Windy City a new love of music, Liz Brasher has since moved to Memphis to fully embrace the unique musical side of the city. Much like herself, it is a melting pot of style.

Releasing her music

While Liz Brasher spent much of her time developing her unique style throughout her multiple moves, she didn’t have the time to focus completely on a recording effort until recently. In 2018 she went on to release her very first EP titled “Outcast.” This EP grabbed the attention of music big-wigs around the industry, and it eventually landed in an invite to SXSW later that year.

In 2019, Liz returned to the studio to work on her very first full-length album. She released the production titled “Painted Image” which she refers to as a mixture of rock and R&B. The album was well liked around the indie community, and NPR went on to say her released music will “make you fall in love with Liz Brasher.” Rolling Stone also raved about her most recent work and has gone on to stay that she was one of the top 25 performers at SXSW last year.

It often takes performers years of recording and putting out indie records before magazines and trade publications like Rolling Stone takes notice, but Liz Brasher has done it with a single EP and album. These are many signs that she is on the fast track to bigger and better things. Due to this, it is a good idea to see her while you can. While she doesn’t have plans on leaving Memphis any time soon, she’ll likely be touring on a greater frequency as her name continues to spread.

Seeing Liz Brasher live

If you’re interested in seeing Liz Brahser live you’ll want to check out her latest listing on her website and her Facebook page. Her website will have the latest major bookings, but if she decides to set up shop at a local venue it’s best to follow her on her Facebook page. She also regularly posts content to the “News” portion of her website, where you’ll learn about upcoming tours and other performances, including appearing at music festivals around the country.

You can also watch some of her latest performances and studio work by checking out her YouTube channel.

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