Modernizations for Memphis International Airport

Memphis International Airport is about to see major renovations, aimed at modernizing the airport. From larger boarding areas to brand new direct destinations, Memphis residents can look forward to some significant improvements.

What’s coming to the Memphis International Airport?

Improvements to the airport include: moving walkways, wider corridors, larger boarding areas, higher ceilings and natural lighting. All of these new improvements should make the Memphis International Airport feel bright, open and spacious, while also increasing its overall capacity.

In addition to this, the airport will be adding 25 destinations served by direct flights—becoming both busier and larger.

A $214 million price tag guarantees results

A combination of bonds, federal grants, and self-funding are going to be used for the new developments at Memphis International Airport, with no money coming from the city itself. With the airport being the first impression millions of visitors experience for the city, new developments in the airport’s technology will be good for residents and good for commerce.

Modernization isn’t the only thing that’s going on at Memphis International Airport. The FedEx Super Hub located at the Memphis International Airport is also due for some significant expansion and modifications—and it’s already the second largest hub in the world. There’s going to be a lot to see in the coming years for Memphis International Airport, and for Memphis Growth as a whole.

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Memphis International Airport begins modernization project

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