Discover Local Fashion Blogger Lisa Mills  

Lisa Mills is not someone who likes to sit around and wait for life to come to her. She enjoys taking life by the horns and experiencing it to the fullest. It’s why she’s always traveling and exploring new destinations. When she’s not out in a new location, she’s back home in Memphis with her husband and furry little friend Reese.

She is a local Memphis fashion blogger, but unlike other writers, she doesn’t just focus on the latest trends and high-end fashion. It’s Lisa’s goal to make fashion more affordable and to share money saving tips with not only Memphis but the rest of the world. For Lisa, it doesn’t need to be expensive to be in style.

Affordable Fashion Trends

Just about anyone who has tried to stay on top of fashion trends knows just how expensive it can become. However, Lisa can help make this not the case. She highlights fantastic fashion finds at discount stores and chains like TJ Maxx, Free People and Nordstrom Rack, each of which offers high-end designer items at discounted prices.

Lisa also loves shopping at local boutiques throughout Memphis. This is where unique styles truly come to play. Local designers help blend Southern Memphis style with what’s currently trending to give a breath of fresh air into nearly every look. As a local fashion blogger, Lisa likes to bring in as many local styles as she can, while still highlighting what’s hip and affordable from around the world.

It’s More Than Just Fashion

Lisa’s blog, Boujee Bargains, is more than just a fashion blog. Here she showcases her latest travel exploits and what she loves to do in these different destinations. So, whether she’s visiting Louisiana or heading out of the country, she wants to make sure to share her travel adventures with the rest of the world. This way, if you enjoy her style, her taste in food, and what she likes to do, you can follow in her footsteps and take in many of the same restaurants, dance halls and activities.

Stay Up to Date With Lisa

Lisa wants to make it easy for you to stay up to date on what she’s doing. She’s constantly updating her blog, so for longer posts, it is possible to find everything right there on her website. However, her Instagram is the best stop for everything visual. She even highlights her latest fashion finds on Instagram, tracks down where they’re sold for the best price, and offers links to these items.

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