Cassie & Michael

We often love to hear a beautiful love story, and a happy ending is always welcome. This couple have taken their love for photography and turned it into a business. They spend their days photographing love stories in weddings and catching up with other clients who may need their services. This couple has a beautiful love story of their own to share (it includes a cave), and they take the time to capture only the best moments and the most special parts of their clients’ romantic moments.

Cassie & Michael love story

Cassie & Michael have the ultimate 21st century romance story. They met on, yeah — you guessed it: Facebook. They both had a passion for film photography, but upon meeting each other Cassie then all but “demanded” that Michael teach her how to develop her own film, which he agreed to do, and he ended up marrying her. It was not that simple, though; to win the beautiful, enthusiastic artistic side of Cassie, Michael invited her to go hiking in Alabama on their first date. They must have known that this was meant to be when they both thought it was a great idea to go explore caves with a person they’d never met.


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The warmth around you

It was clear that the two were more compatible than they first thought on their cave-hunting escapades. They joined their photography business’ and created “The Warmth Around You” photography company to expand their shared passion for photography. There is truly no way to capture the warmth of love than two people who are in love themselves to capture your special moment. This couple has put their souls into their photography business, and it is evident in their uniquely captured moments, which are edited to sheer perfection.

What inspires their business?

Besides the obvious fact that these two are passionate about photography, this duo takes their business with the seriousness and consideration that it takes to successfully do many amazing and sentimental shoots in Memphis. This duo believes in a concept they simply refer to as “the meaningful ones.” Finding the quiet moments of wedding days and turning them into the big, meaningful moments. They are a real Memphis gem who go an extra mile to capture the beautiful moments that can never be recreated otherwise. Their belief is that each person deserves a special picture that uniquely and authentically reveals their story. To capture the soul in people’s stories takes a soul that can recognize the raw moments of passion in life.


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What to expect

Businesses take the shape that their owners curve them into. This Memphis photography business is able to give its clients a unique experience as opposed to other businesses because of its unique approach to photography. They believe that photography should feel authentic. The most beautiful pictures come to life when the people in them are most alive. This is their goal: to make their clients come alive with each picture they capture. This is evident in their beautifully curated collection of lovely pictures that make you want to get married if you haven’t already.


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What are their full services?

So, do I have to be in love or married to be featured in one of their shoots? Absolutely not. You can still ask for their services for your prom, to welcome a new baby, for family photo shoots and any other special moments you hope to capture in a unique way. They also recently added photobooth rentals for events, weddings, and parties.

Cassie & Michael are a couple with a beautiful story. Being around them will inspire ease, and that relaxation will make it very easy to capture real moments. This unique way of working with clients has set Cassie & Michael apart in a highly saturated market.

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