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For readers who love being inspired by the latest fashion trends, home decor, travel and more, look no further than Memphis blogger Candy.

Born and raised in Tennessee and formerly blogging under the name Diary of a Southern Belle, Candy Rachelle is a mother of three and a globally renowned blogger who loves writing about fashion and travel. She spent a few years in Oregon and Georgia before ultimately returning to the place she considers home: Memphis.

According to Candy, blogging is a creative outlet that gives her the chance to share her love for fashion, travel, beauty, food and home decor. Readers have taken a keen liking to her ideas because they are not only helpful and relatable but beautiful and affordable as well.

Memphian Candy

As Candy shares on her Facebook page, titled “Keeping Up With Candy,” her passion for blogging began about five years ago while living in Oregon. After spending time reading other blogs and becoming inspired to share her thoughts and ideas, she knew that blogging was something she would find enjoyable.

Unfortunately, Candy found herself in a long child custody battle and ended up having to reluctantly end her blogging just as it was starting to take off. After a three-year hiatus, she was able to return to what she loves most, which is when she started Keeping Up With Candy.

Frequently calling upon her love of statement pieces such as handbags, jewelry, and shoes, Candy gives down-to-earth advice and inspires her readers to incorporate trendy statement pieces into their own wardrobes.

In addition to applying her knack for fashion, Candy loves to travel, and she has used her blog to create content for underrated locations around the world. According to Candy, her desire to bring exposure to lesser-known destinations has led to some mind-blowing experiences as she travels the world.

Candy takes much pride in her accessible writing style and impressive photography skills, both of which have garnered her a following of thousands across 30+ countries. Most of all, Candy says she cherishes the genuine relationships she has built with her readers, as blogging and social media have allowed her to connect with people in ways she never dreamed possible.

Believing that every girl wants to look and feel beautiful without breaking the bank, Candy invites readers to follow her on several social media sites, including Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin, and Pinterest.

Her desire is to be so relatable to other women, they end up thinking of her as just another girlfriend. Her goal is to inspire and encourage her readers through real-life, real-talk content.

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