3 Popular Jobs in Memphis

The Memphis job-scape is just as diverse as the population, and it doesn’t hurt that the city is so committed to making this the perfect place to work, live and play either. Here are three awesome up-and-coming jobs that might make you reconsider your career path.

1. Become an Entrepreneur

Why is Memphis one of the South’s greatest startup incubators? While entrepreneurs freely admit that the city isn’t some kind of Silicon Valley clone, its unique cultural assets and resource infrastructure make it possible to ditch the blueprint and succeed in your own way.

Memphis is a great place to start a business. In addition to a cheaper cost of living, more affordable office space, and a thriving workforce population, entrepreneurs can draw on relationships with their peers: The city’s reputation as an innovation hub makes it easy to connect with partner startups that haven’t lost their spark of inspiration.

This region also caters to companies that want to settle down. The established industry means that you don’t have to search far for supply chain companies, staffing assistance or business service providers that can help you scale up. The presence of local firms like ServiceMaster, which owns numerous service companies, also makes this a good place to start a franchise.

2. Join the Transportation Sector

Memphis’s river location has always made it a huge hub for commerce. While things may look a lot different from how they did in the days of pioneering river traders, the steady development of highways and rail has rendered today’s city just as integral to the exchange of goods.

Memphis is home to FedEx.

Memphis transportation jobs come in many forms. As home to companies like FedEx and Ozark Motor Lines, this is a good place to get directly involved in logistics operations as a driver — or work your way up to an executive role that lets you transform the entire industry.

3. Get Your Start in Film

Tennessee isn’t the only southern state that caters to the film industry, but it’s one of the few with a sustained track record of success. The city’s astounding musical output has set the perfect mood for countless box-office hits. The Memphis & Shelby County Film and Television Commission’s support for auteurs, writers, cast members and crews also makes it easy to get a production steaming forward successfully.

Hustle & Flow was filmed in Memphis.

Filmmakers who come to Memphis commonly discover untapped talent. From theater programs that hide the next big stars to visual art studios that might just inspire radical new set designs, you’ll never find a better place to cultivate a bold artistic vision.

Memphis is a unique city with a reputation for attracting amazing talent that powers industries large and small. How will you make your impression on the professional landscape?

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