Remote work paradise: why remote workers should be based in Memphis

More and more, remote work is becoming the norm. With modern technology keeping us constantly connected, companies are able to maintain efficiency without needing to fill an office space to the brim with employees. In fact, employees may not even need to live in the same city as there employer anymore, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for remote work. If you fall into the remote work category or are looking to make the change, you should be considering Memphis as the place to call home. Here’s why. 

Cost of living 

Bigger cities are only getting more and more expensive, and people – especially millennials – are getting priced out. It’s hard enough trying to budget for rent, groceries, daily living expenses, but that gets especially tricky when you want to throw in the cost of entertainment or the occasional vacation. In many cities, the thought of paying bills while having enough for entertainment and still being able to save some money seems ludicrous, but in Memphis, it’s totally possible. The cost of living in Memphis is roughly 21% lower than the national average, and that number grows when you compare to popular cities. Chicago, for example, is 41% more expensive than Memphis. Median home price in Atlanta is 202% more expensive than Memphis. For a remote worker, even if you have to travel for work on occasion, living in Memphis will stretch your dollar much further than in other cities, making things like home ownership and funding your dream vacation a reality. 

Coffee shops galore 

Part of any city’s character is defined by the locally owned businesses, and Memphis is no exception. Sure, there’s a Starbucks for every part of town, but as many remote workers know, finding your go-to coffee spot and work atmosphere is imperative to getting the work done. There’s a reason Memphis coffeehouse Comeback Coffee got a nod from Food and Wine as a top coffee shop in America. Unbeknownst to many, Memphis is a coffee town, but not in the snooty way you might expect from coastal cities. Here, it’s all about connectivity and creativity. There are tons of local coffee shops with fast and free WiFi, tasty treats, and some of the best coffee around. And in Memphis, being a regular means you’ll probably be on a first name basis with the owner in no time. Coffee culture in Memphis is celebrated by many, and there are plenty of cherished spots for a remote worker to set up shop. 

Coworking Spaces 

We get it, the hum of a coffee shop is not the ideal working environment for everyone. As many remote workers will tell you, sometimes the best place to plug in and crank out some work is a coworking space. And here in Memphis, you’ve got options. There’s the uber-hip Wonder Cowork Create (Wonder CC), offering a flexible and functional coworking space that fosters a community of creative freelancers, organizations, and small businesses that are getting started. There’s also the Launch Pad, nestled in the heart of downtown Memphis with access to private rooms, conference rooms, community rooms and more. Both offer different types of memberships to suit every person or organization’s need. 

A great place for a side hustle 

Let’s face it, sometimes the 9-5 job and daily grind doesn’t fulfill all our hopes and dreams. Heck, maybe it doesn’t fulfill our financial hopes and dreams either. For many people, this is how the side hustle is born. Whether it’s woodworking masterpieces or making jewelry, Memphis is the ideal place to turn your passion or hobby into a profitable side hustle (there’s a reason Etsy named Memphis a designated “Maker City). Memphis is a city that’s full of highly connected creatives, all supporting one another and fostering a vibrant community and ready to welcome you in. 

Quality of life 

From the cost of living to the city’s rich history, Memphis is a place where young professionals can get connected and make a difference. With a leisurely pace of life and world-class cultural amenities, this river town is the jewel of the mid-south. For remote workers looking for a place to call home that will support their professional lifestyle and provide opportunities beyond, look no further: Memphis is the place for you. 


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