YouTube is a fantastic destination for video content of anything you can imagine. Of course, if you want something a bit closer to home, there are a number of YouTubers who hail from Memphis, focus on content created in Memphis and strive to share their passion for the city. Here are just a few of the top YouTubers currently producing content in Memphis.

Memphis Drum Shop

79,000 subscribers

If you’re interested in drums, this is by far the best station you can check out. All of the videos are recorded at the Memphis Drum Shop and are of both local and touring drummers sitting behind their kits and going to town. You’ll also find several interviews and the owners testing out new equipment. As one of the most followed YouTube channels based out of Memphis, you’ll find it especially helpful if you’re a drummer or musician yourself. Videos are uploaded several times a day.

Memphis 66.6

43,100 subscribers

This YouTuber is all about creating music and posting the produced music onto YouTube. The includes a number of beat tapes, and many of the tracks are darkly inspired combinations of trance and hip-hop. If this sounds like the kind of audio content you want to listen to (the videos are mostly static, so you can play the audio in the background while you work on your computer), Memphis 66.6 typically uploads at least once a day.

Memphis Media

7,200 subscribers

Here is another music station that features mostly hip-hop and R&B tracks produced in Memphis. Some of the videos are audio-only, while others are music videos. There are also a handful of mobile uploads here. The lyrics are generally NSFW, so make sure you have your headphones on or are back home when playing the tracks.

Memphis Grizzlies

10,400 subscribers

If you’re a Memphis Grizzlies fan and want behind-the-scenes footage both during the season and off-season, this is the channel for you. Here you’ll find your favorite players visiting schools, talking to residents throughout the city, stopping by restaurants and, of course, playing basketball. Videos are uploaded weekly during the off-season and almost daily during the season.

Memphis Zoo

5,800 subscribers

This is a great channel for you and your children. It features content of animals living in the zoo, plus interviews with the staff and animal spotlights. Videos are short (around 1-3 minutes), so you can digest the content quickly and move on.

Make sure to subscribe to your favorite YouTube content creators

If you’re interested in following these Memphis YouTubers, you’ll want to click on their Subscribe button located on each individual page. Additionally, to receive notifications of new content, click on the bell icon next to the Subscribe button (if you don’t, you won’t be notified of new content). And, of course, stay on the lookout for other great YouTubers. YouTube will help connect you with others based on your subscriptions and your viewing history of these top YouTube content creators.

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